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If you want me to tell you the reason, why you should visit Tbilisi, I will answer : because there is no reason, why you should not do that. 

First of all, Tbilisi is like a mini-cosmos, it’s like a perfect match and  mix of everything you have ever dreamed about, and wanted to see. It’s located in Eurasia, but you maაy call it the balcony of Europe. Georgia has been thrown between different civilizations throughout the past few thousand years. One may say that this is the sum up of every culture . As Georgia is surrounded by so many different cultures, it’s got all the good qualities from each neighbour. In every street you will feel that mixture. For instance, you are, maybe, standing in front of the one of the most modern architectural masterpieces, and next to it is some kind of Soviet leftover, but it makes it even more beautiful. Tbilisi has its very own style, that’s why you will never forget it, if you once get “poisoned” with it. I should also mention, that some people call Tbilisi “the Paris of Eurasia”, especially at night, when vintage garden lights are sparkling. You will be astonished by cute little alleys and balconies all over the city, in every corner.

Feels like even streets are little, cosy rooms, where the moon is shining only for you, like everything is created with love, and for love. You won’t resist that fact. This is the city, where you don’t need a guide, because every step you walk, every corner leads you somewhere, in a wonderful place. You can just wander around without fear that you are losing your time, because everything here is worth seeing. You should not forget, that Tbilisi is the city of Art- everyone here is freelancer, everyone sings, dances, paints in the stores, street art is very popular here, you can find a famous book’s character on the wall , or movie episode in the underground. Even Davinci’s “creation of Adam” can be seen there. Here is one of my favourite paintings.

Producing small masterpieces is a part of everyday life in the Georgian capital. You’ll find handmade clothing, accessories, paintings. Meidan Bazaar is the most popular place for buying local souvenirs. There is Dry Bridge, where you can buy antique things, “old but gold ‘ times ancestors.It's told, that the memories are being sold here. 

In a nutshell, happiness is all over you. In Tbilisi you can see the third tallest Eastern Orthodox church in the world- Holy Trinity Cathedral. Here is also one of the oldest neighbourhoods of the town-Metekhi. It’s located on an elevated cliff with a little chapel on top. This is especially great spot in the evening, when the sun is about to set, and you are watching the masterpiece of the nature, as well as the mankind. Or maybe you want to kiss your girlfriend for the first time, this is one of the romantic places ever. Not far from here is Abanotubani (“District of bathes”), the reason why Tbilisi exists. There is a legend about how the king of Iberia was once hunting, and when his falcon has caught a pheasant, they both fell into a nearby hot spring and died. This is the beginning of creating Tbilisi.The king was so impressed with the discovery, that he decided to build a city on this location, Tbilisi baths were well known in the whole region of the Middle East.  One of the most beautiful streets you may see. One of the Arab geographer, Ibn-Haukal in Xth century described this place like that :“There are baths where the water is boiling without fire...” so you can not only pleasant yourself with roaming this street, but also take a hot bath and relax. It’s like you are in a travel-Maschine, in old times, but everything is much better… For instance, most of the baths are utilitarian, built during Soviet times, but look like they are straight out of Arabian Nights. There is another very important reason why you should not hesitate whether to come here or not- Georgia has always been a budget-friendly destination. Also, Tbilisi is one of the safest countries you’ll ever visit… So pick up your bag and visit Tbilisi.

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