Gudauri ski resort is the most popular ski resort in Georgia. If you would like to ski just for few days then Gudauri is for you. It offers variety of different ski tracks. Beginners, intermediate skiers and experts can easily find their favorite tracks here. You can experience powder on wild mountains and even ramps in snow park.

Gudauri is only 100 kilometers away from Tbilisi. It takes around one hour and half to get there by car. It's elevation is 2200 MSL. It's covered by snow for 6 months but season starts at late December and lasts in March. Best season for Gudauri is January - February.
Gudauri is very cheap ski resort compared to other European countries but it's the most expensive in Georgia. Daily ski pass costs 40 GEL (approx. 16$). Ski/Snowboard rental is around 30 GEL for one day but it doesn't include goggles and helmet. Goggles and helmets can be rented separately, it costs around 20 GEL daily. Restaurants and hotels are quite expensive in this area because it's crowded during winter. Hotel prices vary between 60$ to 300$ but you can always find cheaper place to stay nearby or even stay in Tbilisi as it takes only few hours to get there.

There are 7 ski lifts in Gudauri and total length of ski tracks are up to 70 km (longest track is about 10 km). Highest point is at 3200 MSL.

You can try freeriding in Gudauri but it's not easy to find fresh snow as the resort is always crowded (especially at weekends) and everyone wants to be first. So be aware for new snow falls and try to be first on the lift in the morning. If you are looking for powder or freeriding in forest you may try Ski resorts in Svaneti or Goderdzi.

There are many options for ski passes in Gudauri:
Ski pass pricing in Gudauri ski resortLow SeasonHigh Season
01.12.17 - 29.12.17
13.03.18 - 30.04.18
30.12.17 - 12.03.18
Single Ride 5 GEL 5 GEL 5 GEL 5 GEL
3 Rides 15 GEL 15 GEL 15 GEL 15 GEL
1 Day 30 GEL 20 GEL 40 GEL 25 GEL
2 Days 60 GEL 40 GEL 80 GEL 50 GEL
3 Days 84 GEL 57 GEL 112 GEL 71 GEL
4 Days 121 GEL 74 GEL 149 GEL 92 GEL
5 Days 137 GEL 91 GEL 182 GEL 114 GEL
6 Days 160 GEL 107 GEL 213 GEL 133 GEL
7 Days 174 GEL 116 GEL 232 GEL 145 GEL
8 Days 197 GEL 131 GEL 262 GEL 164 GEL
9 Days 219 GEL 146 GEL 292 GEL 182 GEL
10 Days 240 GEL 160 GEL 320 GEL 200 GEL
Night Skiing 10 GEL 10 GEL

You can also buy a multi ski pass which is valid for any ski resort in Georgia:

Multi ski pass pricing in GeorgiaAdultChild
7 Days a winter season any resort 250 GEL 180 GEL
10 Days a winter season any resort 345 GEL 240 GEL
Seasonal ski pass all resorts 500 GEL

  • You can buy the ski pass in ticket offices at the resort (by cash or credit card).
  • To obtain the multi-day or seasonal cards you must provide an ID card or any other identity document.
  • For children under the age of 6 lifts are free of charge. A "Child" is aged 6-16.

Ticket offices are located at the beginning all of the lower ski lifts, long lines at the ticket does not happen. Payment for ski passes available by cash in GEL or VISA & MasterCard cards.
Opening hours ticket office: 10:00 - 16:00 in the winter time, 09:00 - 17:00 on weekends and spring.

Here is a map of Gudauri ski resort:

Gudauri ski resort map