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Stepantsminda (Kazbegi)

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Stepantsminda is one of the most beautiful destination in Georgia. It's a little town surrounded by huge mountains. It's exceptional landscapes will remain in your memory forever. Stepantsminda is a new name, it has changed in 21th century. It's old name was Kazbegi which is coming from Georgian famous writer Alexander Kazbegi who was born here in Stepantsminda in 1848.

Stepantsminda is the best place for people who loves mountains. You can stay at 5* hotel and wake up with stunning views every day. If you are outdoorsy person and love hiking then you can go further and climb to the top of the Mount Kazbek which is one of the highest peak not only in Georgia but in Europe. It's elevation is 5047 meters MSL. There are so many attractions around Stepantsminda. You can see Beautiful Gergeti Trinity church which is looking down to Stepantsminda from the mountain. You can get there by car or even by walking as it's very close to the center of Stepantsminda. If you go little bit further, you can see Gveleti waterfall which has fantastic nature. Also Dariali Gorge is super beautiful and you can see Dariali Monastery there. Stepantsminda is also very close to the most visited destinations like Juta and Truso valley. 

Stepantsminda is not far from Tbilisi, it's only 150km but you need around 2 hours and half to get there as the road crosses Jvari Pass near Gudauri located at 2400 meters MSL. But you can enjoy stunning views from the road. You can also reach Stepantsminda by Public transport. They start almost every hour from Didube Bus Station and it costs around 10 Georgian Lari.

Location: right bank of river Tergi’s upper flow, central part of Greater Kavkasioni, foothill of mountain Kazbegi
Distance: 150 km away from Tbilisi
Sea level: 1880 m
Landscape: mountainous
Climate: middle mountain (upper belt), winter cold, dry, with stable snow cover, mean temperature in January -5,2 degrees centigrade; summer cool, mean temperature in
August 14,4 degrees centigrade
Average annual precipitation: 786 mm
Average comparative annual humidity: 72%
Duration of annual sunny light: 2232 h
Natural treatment factors: middle mountain upper belt climate and carbohydrate, chloride-hydro-carbonate, calciumsodium mineral waters with general mineralization 1,5-2
g/dm3, on the left bank of river Tergi, 2 km away from Stepantsminda downtown, in the settlement of Pansheti
Types of treatment: passive climate therapy, mineral water drinking
Diseases for treatment: cardiovascular, respiratory, alimentary tract and nervous system diseases, iron-deficit anemia.
42.656044, 44.640725
Distance from the Capital
152 km (94.45 mi)
Recommended duration
2 days
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Ucha Gviniashvili
Ucha Gviniashvili

Kazbegi is very beautiful with its stunning views from everywhere. Here you can see waterfalls, Gergeti church, glacier and even one of the highest summit in Georgia. I love Kazbegi because it's easy to get there and this place offers variety of attractions for all kind of traveler from 5* hotels to 5K summit.

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