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Elia Fortress is located in Adjara, Kobuleti Municipality, on Chakhati Mountain, on a ridge ending in a massive rock, at 1150 meters above sea level. It is a medieval building. It is less explored and used as an intelligence-monitoring point. According to the legend, the fortress was built by Elia Diasamidze to hide the kidnapped captives. There is also a legend that during the Ottoman rule, it was one of the points of sale of captives. The castle is an oval shape. Fragments of the fence in some places reach 3-4 meters, and in some places the rock forms a wall. Remains of various buildings can be seen on the territory of the fortress. Big cobblestones and flat sandstone are used as building materials. The wall thickness is 1 meter. On the north side was a tower that no longer exists. The total area of the fortress is about 80 m2. Elia Fortress has access from two sides, from Natskhavatevi and Gogmachauri.

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