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Pasanauri Resort is located in the Mtskheta-Mtianeti region, Dusheti Municipality, at the confluence of the rivers Mtiuleti Aragvi and Gudamakari Aragvi, at 1050 meters above sea level. It is the center of the historical-geographic region Mtiuleti and according to the legend, it was one of the centers of trade in ancient times. Pasanauri is famous for its natural beauty. Forests, mountains and amazing views attract many tourists. It has a moderately humid climate, with moderately cold winters and long, cool summers. The average annual temperature is 7.8 ° C, January - -4.1 ° C, and July - 18.5 ° C. There are hotels, a visitor center, a hospital, a library and other cultural and educational institutions in Pasanauri. If you love to relax in the mountains, the mountain climate, fresh air and beautiful environment are perfect for unwinding. Here you can also taste Mtiuletian cuisine, khinkali from Pasanauri, which is especially popular. In Pasanauri you will be able to relax in a comfortable, healthy environment and be filled with positive impressions and emotions.

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