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Best time to visit: Summer, September

The route starts from Tseri (Torngva Abano Pass) goes through the Ortskarli pass and lakes and descends in to the Gometsari gorge. The trail goes through the following village in Gometsari gorge: Vestmo, Vestomta, Goglurta, Dochu and Bochorna. The route ends in village Omalo.



Day 1: Tbilisi - Tserti (Torgva Bath Pass) - Lake Ortskali

You should get to the Tseri (Torgva Abano Pass) where hiking starting. At first, the trail is well marked, but when it continues on the slope the track pales and in some places it is lost. It's best to have an electronic route on the mobile or GPS device. Move on the slope requires caution.


Day 2: Lake Ortskali - Vestmo - Vestomta - Goglurta

The route from the lake soon descend in to the gorge. The track on this section is not clear and the descent requires caution. The trail is well seen in the valley and you can move easily. At the point when you are crossing the river without the bridge, the trail goes up with the serpentine and runs along the left side of the river.


Day 3: Goglurta - Dochu - Bochorna - Omalo

There are two ways to get to village Dochu from the village Goglurta. The long trail goes though the villages Bukhurta, Iliurta and Beghela. This option is the safest. You can use the vehicle from the village Iliurta. The second shorter path descend to the gorge, crosses the river and ascends right to village Dochu. You should find out the info about the bridge condition from administration of the Tusheti Protected Areas or from the people in village residents. You can use the transport to get from village Dochu to village Omalo. Road will go through the village Bochorna.


You can get to Tusheti by the 4X4 vehicle which you can hire in Tbilisi, Telavi or in the center of the village Kvemo Alvani.

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42.280707 , 45.502405
Duration: 3 days
Total distance: 44 km
Difficulty: Medium

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Carmen Schwarz
Carmen Schwarz

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

you recommend to do this tour in Spring - as I know that due to weather conditions it might be early for hiking, do you think it is already possible in March / April to do this tour? as I am traveling alone, I would be interested in maybe joining a group - do you know about any planned groups for this ? (if I understood right, you do not offer tours, you rather describe them, right?)

I am looking forward hearing from you! kind regards, Carmen Schwarz

Davit Merabishvili
Davit Merabishvili

Dear Carmen
Thank you for noticing incorrect info (we already corrected it). This route is recommended starting from the second half of June until the end of September. This trail is quite new for the travellers and we do not know if any hiking club is going to do the trail for now. Keep yourself posted, as the commercial offers will appear on the web later during the spring.

Carmen Schwarz
Carmen Schwarz

Dear Davit, thank you for your answer, I will keep myself posted. best, Carmen

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Ucha Gviniashvili

This is absolutely stunning hiking trail in Tusheti. It's very remote place with amazing views.

Khatia Lekishvili


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