Gino Paradise Aqua park Tbilisi Gino Paradise Aqua park Tbilisi Gino Paradise Aqua park Tbilisi Gino Paradise Aqua park Tbilisi Gino Paradise Aqua park Tbilisi Gino Paradise Aqua park Tbilisi Gino Paradise Aqua park, ჯინო ფერედაისი

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Best time to visit: All Season

Gino Paradise is the largest aqua park in Tbilisi. It is located on Beshenova Street, near the Tbilisi Sea. It is one of the most popular places in the city. If you can't get out of town, relax at sea, have a busy schedule and want to spend time and have fun, Gino Paradise offers a wonderful, well-appointed environment. The aqua park includes a sports and recreation complex, 9 pools, extreme water attractions, wellness and spa lounges in the VIP area, a private seating garden, a fitness room, a hotel and a swimming academy in Gino. This diverse space is designed for customers of all ages. In the aqua park you will find a colorful, well-appointed and fun environment, you will be able to unwind, be filled with positive energy and spend a happy day with friends or family. It is also the best place for lovers of extreme and adrenaline rush, with more than 500 water attractions, the highest in Europe, 31 meters, with 6 slides with 6 different effects. In the open space, children will have fun with small slides. There is an extreme attraction to overcome the barriers - "Tanzania" and a sand volleyball court. Gino Paradise is the best place for relaxation, 17 different types of saunas and spa zones will relieve you of any stress. This place is also attractive for fishing enthusiasts. There is a small lake in the area of ​​the aqua park where you can catch trout, which will be prepared on the spot. Gino Paradise has his own safe, well-equipped beach with sunbeds, showers and dressing on the Tbilisi Sea. There are 12 food courts in the aqua park area where you can taste delicious dishes.

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Davit Gabelaia
Davit Gabelaia

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Davit Gabelaia
Davit Gabelaia

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Mariam Pirashvili
Mariam Pirashvili

სალამი, ჯინო ფერედაის უნდა დაუკავშირდეთ ♥️

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