Goderdzi Petrified Forest Natural Monument

Goderdzi Petrified Forest  Natural  Monument

About Goderdzi Petrified Forest Natural Monument

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Goderdzi Petrified Forest is located on the border of Samtskhe and Adjara, in the territories of Adigeni and Khulo municipalities, on the eastern slope of Goderdzi Pass. During the Tertiary Period, powerful volcanic eruptions buried the tropical forest in ashes, and the flora of this forest is preserved in petrified form. Goderdzi Petrified Forest has the status of a natural monument. Its total area is 365 hectares and is located at 1600-2100 meters above sea level. The relief of the Goderdzi Petrified Forest Natural Monument is quite complex, mountainous and fragmented. Along the road, on the cliffs, in the volcanic breccias, natural imprints of buried flora and the petrified trees of various sizes, shapes and orientations can be clearly seen. In some places, it is perfectly preserved the imprints of heat-tolerant deciduous plants, especially the imprints of laurels. Palms, magnolias, laurels, the other plants are found here. It seems that millions of years ago this area had a tropical climate and suitable plants flourished here. Petrified trees have been completely replaced with opal and chalcedony, while crevices and voids are filled with chalcedony and quartz. The trees were petrified by almost completely replacing its organic material so that the original structure of the plant was not completely disrupted. Goderdzi Petrified Forest is an important natural monument and it is interesting both from a scientific and tourist point of view.

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