Horse Riding Tour in Tusheti 3 days

Horse Riding Tour in Tusheti 3 days

About Horse Riding Tour in Tusheti 3 days

Best time to visit: Summer

Horse Riding Tour in Tusheti – Duration three days, including the road. Overnights in guesthouses. Within the tour, you will see Alaverdi Cathedral. Also, you will visit two of the Tushetian valleys: Chagma and Pirikiti.

Brief information about Tusheti

Tusheti is a historic region in Georgia. Administratively Tusheti is located in the Kakheti. Therefore, this area is under environmental protection as the Tusheti Protected Areas. Above all, it is on the tentative list of UNESCO world heritage.

The largest village is Omalo. There are 4 communities in Tusheti:





Tusheti is an area that kept the spirit of the past. Here time seems to stand still. The vast majority of inhabitants are shepherds. However, these people are friendship-minded and they love to talk with strangers. Moreover, they like to absorb the news of the world and share local culture.

Horse riding Tour in Tusheti

A horse riding tour in Tusheti is a popular tourist attraction in this area. On your demand, you can also have hiking, trekking, or jeep tour around this part of Georgia.



Day 1: Tbilisi – Upper Omalo

Departure at 7 p.m. On the way, we will visit Alaverdi Monastery. It will take about 6-7 hours to travel to Tusheti. The road is so beautiful that you will not get bored. In the middle of the road, we will have lunch. After a short break, we’ll leave to visit villages Shenako and Diklo. In Diklo we’ll walk to Pichekhi Castles, the main fortress on the border of Dagestan, which left one of the saddest histories.
Return to the guesthouse (Lunch/Dinner)
Driving distance: 230 km. Time: 8 hours. Walking distance: 2 km. Time: 2 hours. Minimal altitude: 280 m. Maximal altitude: 2867 m.


Day 2: Horse riding on Sakheo range (3050m)

After Breakfast, we will start riding on the Sakheo range. (3050m) Here you will have picturesque views on both: Pirikiti and Gometsari valley. From the top of the range, you will see villages: Bochorna, Dartlo, Kvavlo, and Chesho. This horse riding route is the most beautiful from the middle of June until the middle of July, with flowering Rhododendron and a small lake on the top of the range.
Return to the guesthouse (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)
Horse-riding distance 16 km; Minimal altitude: 1900 m; Maximal altitude: 3050m
Day 3: Keselo castles - Museum in Lower Omalo - Tbilisi


Day 3: Keselo castles - Museum in Lower Omalo - Tbilisi

9 am breakfast.
Next, you will visit Keselo Castels and the museum in lower Omalo.
After all, we’ll arrive back in Tbilisi. Here our hiking tour in Tusheti finishes. (Breakfast/Lunch)
Driving distance: 250 km. Time: 8 hours. Walking distance: 2 km. Time: 1 hour. Minimal altitude: 280 m. Maximal altitude: 2867 m.


4 WD car

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Duration: 3 days
Total distance: 500 km
Difficulty: Medium

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Ayman Obeid
Ayman Obeid

Hi, I would like to know if the person needs to have a horse riding experience- or it's within a group of other people with all levels like beginners?

Roman Burduladze
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No need to have a horse experience. All the tour there will be a horse guide with you and also before starting the tour he will clearly explain everything. For sure he will also choose the calmest horse for you.

Kristýna Kubištová
Kristýna Kubištová

Hi, we would like make the "Horse Riding Tour in Tusheti 3 days". We are group of 8 persons (4 adulst, 4 children 15, 14, 13, 12 years). We wil be in Tbilisi around 11.8.2022. Do you have any free therms after this date? We should leave Tbilisi to Batumi on Wednesday 17.8.2022. And what is the price for this group?
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