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Iori Managed Reserve - located in Kakheti, Sighnaghi Municipality. Founded in 1965. Its area is 1336 hectares. The forests of the Managed Reserve are located in the valley of the river Iori. It ends at the irrigation canal along the southern border of Korugi Managed Reserve and the northern border of Chachuna at the Dali Mountain Reservoir. The territory of the park is bordered on both sides by the agricultural lands of the land fund of Sighnaghi and mainly by pastures.

The floodplain forest on the banks of the Iori River is protected in Iori Managed Reserve. Georgian iris, Eichler tulip, barberry, tamarisk, cistus tree, sapwood, juniper, hornbeam, palirius, etc. are widespread here. Among the mammals boar, wolf, otter, jungle cat and others are found here. From the birds - pheasant, francolin, partridge, Egyptian vulture, griffon vulture, forest owl, kestrel. From reptiles - Mediterranean turtle, giurza.

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