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About Kareli

Kareli is a municipality located in the Shida Kartli region. Traces of human life here begin from the early Bronze Age. Confirmation of this is a multilayer historical monument discovered in the village of Doghlauri, where antique, early Iron, late Bronze, and early Bronze Age layers are identified. Kareli as a developed city center, was first mentioned in historical sources, in the XVI-XVII centuries. It is associated with many historical facts, such as: Council of Ruisi-Urbnisi in 1103, The Battle of Aradeti in 1483 and others. The largest part of present-day Kareli was included in Tsitsishvili Noble-Satsitsiano, where Zaza Panaskertel-Tsitsishvili lived and worked, military-political, cultural-educational and medical figure, builder, and scientist, author of healing book - "Karabadini". Nowadays, the main highway of the Transcaucasian railway and car roads pass through Kareli. Agriculture is developed in the municipality, leading fields are: fruit growing, beet growing, vegetable growing, vine growing, livestock, etc. Here is located the Agara Sugar Factory and other food industry enterprises. The district has a vocational school, one central library, a cultural center and a local history Museum. Kareli municipality is distinguished by nature as well as the abundance of cultural monuments. Very beautiful Bateti Lake, Green Dzama Gorge and important monuments such as: The Church of Samtsevrisi, The complex of Kintsvisi, The Complex of Mdzovreti Fortress and others attract a lot of tourists and no one remains indifferent.

Geography and Climate

Kareli municipality is located in the central part of Georgia, Shida Kartli region. Its administrative center is the city of Kareli. The district is bordered by Gori municipality on the east, on the west by the Khashuri municipality, on the south-west by Borjomi, on the north by Java, on the north-west by the Sachkhere municipality. It consists of 1 city and 17 territorial units: Kareli, Urbnisi, Ruisi, Agara, Bebnisi, Kekhijvari, Khvedureti, Akhalsopeli, Mokhisi, Dvani, Zghuderi, Bredza, Ptsa, Dirbi, Breti, Abisi, Avlevi and Giganti. The main rivers of the municipality are: Mtkvari, Dzama and western, middle and eastern Prones. There are both natural and artificial lakes here. The main part of the district is occupied by the plains of Shida Kartli and the southern part is occupied by the northern slopes of the Trialeti Range. In the plain and hilly foothills of the Kareli municipality, there are moderately humid climate, with mild cold winters and long, warm summers. In the plain part an average annual air temperature is 10,2 °C, in January – 1,7 °C in August – 21,5 °C. In the mountainous part there is a moderately humid climate, but winter is cold and summer is long lasting cool. In the low-mountain zone, the average annual temperature is 7.7 °C, in January-3.2 °C, in August-18.6 °C.

What to see

Kareli district with its ancient history and culture is rich in important monuments as well as beautiful nature. The beautiful lakes and waterfalls hidden in the trees are perfect for hiking and picnicking, in the springtime, in the fall or to escape the heat of summer. Especially popular is Bateti Lake, which is located in Dzama Gorge. Beside the beauty of nature, Dzama Gorge is also rich with various and interesting cultural monuments, so it is one of the favorite places for travelers. In Kareli you will find ancient settlements, historical fortresses, churches and monasteries of different periods. Kintsvisi Monastery, which is famous for its highly artistic frescoes, the complex of Mdzovreti Fortress, Dzama Fortress, The Temple of Samtsevrisi, Samtsevrisi Fortress, the Church of Sologhasheni, this is just a few of the sights you can visit while traveling in Kareli. There is also a museum of local history in the district, were more than 1300 exhibits are preserved. Here are presented archaeological materials of Urbnisi, Bebnisi, Takhtidziri, Dirbi and Dvani, from which the ancient one is dates back to IV-III milleniums BC.


  • Bateti Lake

  • Waterfall of red stones

  • Abukhalo Waterfall

  • Bebnisi Lake

Cultural Monuments

  • Kintsvisi Monastery

  • Samtsevrisi Church

  • Samtsevrisi Fortress

  • Mother’s Monastery of Ortubni

  • Dzama Fortress

  • St. George’s Monastery of Sarke

Tours In Shida Kartli


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