The Church of the Savior in Khalde

ხალდეს მაცხოვრის ეკლესია წმინდა გიორგის ხატი ხალდედან ხალდეს მაცხოვრის ეკლესია ხალდეს მაცხოვრის ეკლესია

About The Church of the Savior in Khalde

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The Church of the Savior in Khalde is located in Svaneti, Mestia Municipality, in the village of Khalde, Kala community. This is a hall building built in the 19th century with a slate rock. On the current site of the cathedral, a medieval church with a painted interior was situated, which was completely destroyed by Russian troops during the Khalde uprising. The painting of the cathedral was described by Dimitri Bakradze. Cornice stones, preserved from the old church, were used to decorate the new building. In the Church of the Savior in Khalde, a small forged icon of St. George of the 10th century has been preserved. There is an arched entrance to the western wall of the temple. The interior, as well as the exterior, have been plastered, however, at present, the plaster is only partially preserved. The wooden, ornamented door and iconostasis are new and this donation was made by the local woodcarving Jaba Jokhadze.

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