mwvervali xorisari khorisari summit მწვერვალი ხორისარი, თრუსოს ხეობა მწვერვალი ხორისარი, თრუსოს ხეობა

About Khorisari

Best time to visit: July, August, September

Khorisari- Volcanic Mountain in Georgia, Mtskheta-Mtianeti region, Kazbegi municipality. It is located 3736m above sea level on the main ridge of the Caucasus Mountains, at the beginning of the White Aragvi (Tetri Aragvi). It is possible to climb the Khorisari summit without any special equipment. Close to it passes the route of Kelitsadi Lake, which can be used to visit the summit.

Khorisari is built of quaternary andesites and dacites. It is a cone-shaped, steep mountain, on which glacial forms of relief are left. It characterizes by subalpine, alpine, and subnival landscapes.

Tags: #Nature #Snow #Peak

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