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Lagodekhi National Park - is located in the Kakheti region, in the city of Lagodekhi, in the extreme northeastern part of Georgia on the southern slopes of the Caucasus, at an altitude of 590-3500 meters above sea level. It is one of the world’s best-preserved, pristine, diverse parks with wild natural landscapes.

The territories of Lagodekhi National Park include Lagodekhi Strict Nature Reserve (19749 ha.) and Managed Reserve (4702 ha.). The latter helps to create optimal conditions for visitors to perceive nature through the development of infrastructure related to education and recreation activities. The park is distinguished by beech-hornbeam deciduous forest, Gurgeniani waterfall. The national park also includes a system of trails connecting the forest and alpine meadows, on which movement is allowed only on specially defined routes on foot and on horseback. At present, there are five picturesque, safe and informative tourist routes in the protected areas of Lagodekhi National Park, namely: "Rocho Waterfall", "Ninoskhevi Waterfall", "Machi Fortress", "Black Rock Lake" and "Nature Cognition Trail".

The administrative and visitor center is located at the central entrance of the Lagodekhi National Park. There is an exhibition and presentation hall in the administrative building, where the visitor has the opportunity to get acquainted with the specifics of Lagodekhi protected areas, tariffs, security rules, and existing tourist routes.

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