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About Lake Tabatskuri

Best time to visit: Summer, May, September, October

Lake Tabatskuri is located in Samtskhe - Javakheti region, on the border of Borjomi and Akhalkalaki municipalities, at an altitude of 1991 meters. Its mirror area is 14.2 km², maximum depth is 40.2 meters, average depth is 15.5 meters. The lake's structural basin is caused by the puddling of lava flows and is replenished by underground, snow and rain waters. In winter it is frozen. The lake is surrounded by the Ktsia-Tabatskuri Reserve. The water is fresh and rich in fish, crabs can be also found there. There are two villages around the lake, Tabatskuri and Moliti. The village of Tabatskuri is built on the peninsula, which is partly invaded in the lake. It makes this place even more interesting and attractive. The blue lake, expansive spaces and mountains make a spectacular sight.

How to get there

Tabatskuri is located 60 kilometers away from Borjomi. It is possible to get there from Akhalkalaki and Bakuriani. As you pass Bakuriani, the dirt road begins, where you can move by a Sedan. However, caution is important. In winter and early spring it is impossible to drive by car from Bakuriani side to Tabatskuri, as the road is closed. On the side of Akhalkalaki, the last section of the road is a dirt road and you can move here by a sedan. In winter, to get to Tabatskuri it is possible only from the Akhalkalaki side.

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mariam khutsishvili

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Mariam Pirashvili

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