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About Orbeti Virgin Mary Church

Best time to visit: All Season

Orbeti Virgin Mary Church is located in the village of Orbeti, Tetritskaro Municipality, Kvemo Kartli region. It was built in 1910-1915. The temple is a quite big cross-domed building. The building has a difficult plan. The interior is decorated with an arm strong ceiling, which covers the construction of the vault and the actual height. The four walls of the central hall are painted with images of biblical stories and saints, found here: the four evangelists, St. Barbale, Alexander Nevsky and others. A bell tower is erected at the top of the entrance. The church has lack of decor. There is a relief image of the cross on the east side of the apse. All the windows of the church are arched. The dome is completely surrounded by a paper of tin. The temple is characterized of two colors -gray and yellowish cut stone.

Tags: #History #Church #Culture #Monastery #Historical Monument

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