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About Sabero Monastery Complex

Best time to visit: All Season

Sabero monastery complex is located in Kvemo Kartli region, Tetritskaro municipality, in the areas of Samghereti village, at the confluence of the rivers Torne and Khrami. The complex dates back to the XI-XIII centuries and includes two churches, a refectory, a palace and a bell tower. Both of the churches are quite damaged. The main building of the complex is a hall-type temple with a gate and an annex from the south. The gate is covered with a cross vault. The decoration of the temple, the high, arched niches and other details in the shrine, indicate that the monument belongs to the middle ages. The facades are richly decorated, especially the artistic decoration of the south gate. There are the ruins of the bell tower to the south-east of the church. Also, there are the ruins of a large residential palace. The palace has a single-step pedestal. The roof of the building has collapsed. There is a wide door on the ground floor. There is also a two-storey, stone-built dining room in the complex. There is a cellar with Qvevri(the clay jars for wine-making) on the ground floor, and on the first floor - the dining room, which has entrances from the west and north. It is lit by five arched windows. The interior of the building is plastered. Sabero monastery complex is surrounded by a fence. Although the monument is damaged, the monastery still looks quite large, which indicates its special importance for that period.

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