Sakhvlari Tourist Shelter

About Sakhvlari Tourist Shelter

Best time to visit: Summer, Autumn, May

Sakhvlari tourist shelter is located at Borjom-Kharagauli National Park on St. Andrew Trail, at the 1050 meters MSL.

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Mariya Matyash
Mariya Matyash

Are those shelters equipped with gas or some small stoves? If we are going with our own tents would it be possible to rent the gast stoves to make a hot meal?
Thank you

Ucha Gviniashvili
Ucha Gviniashvili

Hi Mariya,
This shelter is not equipped with any stove. You can buy one or rent it in Tbilisi. It's cheap, you can get it for 30 Gel. Or if you prefer to rent you can visit Mogzauri Rent store in Tbilisi:


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