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Shervashidze Family Tower is located in the Shida Kartli region, Kaspi Municipality, the village of Sasireti. It dates back to the XVII century, is built of cobblestone and is one of the towers of a ruined castle. Bricks are used in the interior. The building has a right-angled entrance on the first floor. There are four niches and four narrow windows on the same floor. Embrasures are cut in the niches. To the second floor goes the staircase of the south wall. Here the arches are transformed into large, slightly filled arched windows. The tower has another entrance on the second floor. There was a fireplace in front of the entrance, which is currently ruined. In the south wall, there is a stone staircase leading to the third floor. The third floor is partially collapsed. The interior is plastered on all three floors. The roofs between floors are domed.

How to get there

Sasireti village is located in the Shida Kartli region, Kaspi Municipality, Teliani community, 18 km away from Kaspi. The asphalted road goes to the village.

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