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Sighnaghi Fortress is located in Kakheti and borders the city of Sighnagi.

The fence itself is dated to the XVIII century, holds approximately 40 hectares of land, and is 4 kilometers long. Some historians appoint its building to Erekle II, and the others think that he only restored the castle. For example, Vakhushti Bagrationi writes: “The king Irakli had built thousands of villages and castles, and among them was two magnificent, grand castles, one of them is Bochormi Castle, which was very old, and the other one was Kizikhi castle, which was so-called Sighnaghi Castle as well. Wherefore, this castle, for several times, people from Kiziki, as well as from other villages, saved their lives, as it was a great defensive monument from the enemy.” But, if we see the book of chronicle Oman Kherkheulidze, we will read: “the king Irakli renovated the Gori Castle, the fence of Sighnaghi, Telavi...” Erekle II empowered this fortress the main role in the internal and external affairs of Georgia, especially, in the attacks of Leki, Osmal-Khizilbahes. It was the main protection fence. The fortress has a very crooked playout. The reason is that it was adjusted with the hilly relief. On the whole perimeter of it, there were as many towers, as counterforces- 23-23. Every tower had its own name. The name was given thereon from which villagers took part in its building. During the invasions of the archenemies, the builders of the castle with their family members used to find shelter in the towers. Those men were defending the village also. Those round towers are crowned with castellations. In one of the towers, there is encased, Saint Stephane Church. The castle has six entries, which are led out from huge arches. The walls have two tiers. The width of the lower tier is 1,5 meters, and the upper tiers - 70-80 centimeters. Between them is created the path of warriors. The castle is mostly made of big, large cobblestones, here and there you will come across some bricks as well.

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