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Utsera resort is located in Racha, Oni municipality, on the banks of the river Rioni, at 1050 meters above sea level. The resort is famous for its beautiful nature, forests, alpine meadows, and amazing views of the icy peaks which attract many tourists. Utsera is a climatic-balneological resort with moderately cold winters and long warm summers. The average temperature in January is -5 ° C, and in August - 17 ° C. The main healing factors are mountain climate and mineral water "Utsera". This resort is one of the perfect places for mountain vacation lovers. Here you will be able to unwind in a comfortable environment, in the fresh air of nature. You can also arrange small trips, picnics, or hikes if you love adventure and diversity. Utsera is very beautiful, both in summer greenery and in autumn colors. It is also an interesting place from a cultural-historical point of view, in and around the village you can visit the ruins of four medieval churches and a fortress.

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