The trip starts from the village of Shkmeri, which crosses the river of Kheori and goes to the mountain of Khikhata. Part of the route passes through the territory of Sachkhere municipality. The nearest village of the Sachkhere municipality is Uzunta. From the starting point to the crossroads, the path coincides with the path connecting the village of Shkmeri and the village Uzunta. From the intersection, The route continues to the north and rises along the Khjikhata mountain range. Beautiful mountains open from the Khikhata mountain range. There are a large number of karstic funnels. On the way, you will pass on peak Khikhata - 2239 m. This place contains a geodesic triangulum. The route follows the ridge. At the second intersection, the route goes north to the village of Mravallzali. In the village of Mravallzali there is a hall church of St. Giorgi of the 11th century, the cupola was added in the 19th century. Fragments of inscriptions and paintings of the 11th century remained. The track is beautiful along the entire length. On the route, there is no drinking water, because of which the night is associated with some discomfort.