The trip starts from the village of Shkmeri, which crosses the river of Kheori and goes to the mountain of Khikhata. Part of the route passes through the territory of Sachkhere municipality. The nearest village of the Sachkhere municipality is Uzunta. From the starting point to the crossroads, the path coincides with the path connecting the village of Shkmeri and the village Uzunta. From the intersection, The route continues to the north and rises along the Khikhata mountain range. Beautiful mountains open from the Khikhata mountain range. There are a large number of karstic funnels. On the way, you will pass on peak Khikhata - 2239 m. This place contains a geodesic Triangulum. The path continues along the ridge and descends to the campsite, from which you can enjoy beautiful views on gorge of the river Rioni and the Caucasus of the Racha.

From the camp side trail descends in village Putieti, where it turns to the west and goes through village Zeda Skhava and ends in village Shua Sxvava. At the end of the trail, you can visit the ruins of the church and go to the ice cave located 4 km from the village. The cave is quite big and the temperature is below 0 Celsius year round. There are a lot of icy large rocks.

The trail along the route is very beautiful. It is an easy hike, however considering the rise and long distance, it is better to be in reasonable condition.