12 February, 2021

Discover Georgia with Mirian Tedoradze

Georgia is one of the unique countries where you can discover new things every day. It is a country of contrasts, where you can find yourself from semidesert to a ski resort, and the next day on the beach drinking coffee and enjoying watching the seagulls. The unique nature, cuisine and traditions of our country attract more and more travelers day by day. Here every traveler finds his own happiness and returns home satisfied in many ways.

We talked about the unique nature, culture and discovery of Georgia to Mirian Tedoradze, who is an active hiker, traveler and videographer. Mirian started traveling to Georgia at an early age, it became his hobby and soon turned into his main activity. He joined Yeti, the hiking club of his friends, and began to explore Georgia more actively.

Mirian: I have been actively traveling since childhood. At first, I traveled with a singing choir, over a period of time I began to travel by myself, and then the Yeti club appeared. As far as I can remember, I always travel and hike.

- Mirian, you are an active traveler. At the same time, you are a videographer, how do you combine these two activities?

During the trip, I come across a lot of beautiful views, I always have a camera or drone with me, with which I capture these views. It is travel that makes it all compatible with each other.

-As far as I know, you fly with the Racing Drone. Share your experience.

It is very interesting to fly a drone. Sometimes after a frequent flying, when you no longer think about it and take the drone for your eyes, there is a moment when you meet yourself ... It is a strange feeling as if you should not be able to see yourself, but you see how you are standing stiff, and now in this thousandth of a second, you can see yourself as others see you.

-How do you look for places to hike and how do you prepare for the trip?

When you have traveled all over Georgia, it is difficult to find something new. When you have already been to Toba and Vashlovani, the spirits are so raised that it is difficult to be surprised by something. Recently, I do not plan trips, for example, I may be going to Racha and unexpectedly go to Svaneti, or to the sea. When you have the ability to move freely, it becomes easier to make various decisions.

-What is the most interesting and favorite place for you in Georgia?

Years pass, and over the years I have been to Tobavarchkhili 11 times, each time for one week. In my opinion, no one will find anything better and more unique than Tobavarchkhili in Georgia. It’s not just about seeing the lake, it’s the process of preparing, traveling, then hiking and being with other people for so many days. Human relations come to the foreground here. When you have no phone or internet, you become completely different. The second place is probably Vashlovani, which is amazing with its people, nomadic shepherds, flora and fauna.

-In your opinion, What attracts foreign citizens who travel to Georgia?

Probably the diversity of our country. I have traveled to many places, such as Norway, the Alps, etc. The first few days you are amazed by everything, and then everything becomes monotonous. In Georgia, on the contrary, you can see something new every day. You can spend one day in Vashlovani, the second-on Tobavarchkhili, and then relax at the sea. Culture also plays a significant role. Take Dartlo for example, you won't find anything resembling it anywhere. Everything has its uniqueness here, in Europe everything is equally developed and leaves the impression of monotony.

- Why should foreigners visit Georgia, besides the fact that we have a beautiful and diverse nature?

Apart from the diverse nature, we have many interesting forms of tourism in Georgia, for example, culinary tourism, wine tourism. We also have very good and interesting architecture. We are a former Soviet country, and the stages of our development are very interesting. We also have pristine nature, which is already quite rare in the world.

- How important is traveling for a person? Does a person change while traveling?

As trite as it may sound, I would say that life is worth living only for the sake of travel. All types of travel, including hiking, change a person a lot. I have often met people who worked much more productively after traveling. Travel gives you confidence. There are many factors that are affected by traveling. For example, I have not seen a hiker who actively travels and pollutes nature. A hiker or traveler who often hikes and travels, stands out with high responsibility even in a city, he is extremely law-abiding, calm, balanced and falls in love with his country even more. Travel helps you to find yourself, which in turn triggers many chain reactions.

- What advice would you give to novice travelers?

I definitely recommend to beginners to start their trip from Georgia. Gradually visit different interesting places, walk more and get to know Georgia, and then go on a trip around the world.

I believe that you need to work hard and well only in order to travel more. In the end, we will only have the memories like this, not what phone we owned or what clothes we wore.

*Photos by: Mirian Tedoradze

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