02 September, 2018

Airport shuttle Tbilisi, Georgia

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Tourists are a potential source of income and in every country people try to lie to them. Before visiting a new place you should gather some information, so that others won’t be able to use your condition. Attempts to use a tourist start from the very first step in the airport. Taxi drivers that are all around the building will try to serve you with highest tariff.

To not become an easy prey for customer service employees you should take into account the following information:

  • Try not to use the service of individual taxi drivers, who don’t belong to any company.
  • Taxi companies have fixed and standard prices.
  • Taxi companies have mobile applications.
  • Taxi companies have much more comfortable cars and diversity of service.
  • Taxi companies are unlikely to have language barrier.
  • By using taxi company service you are protected from any additional payment rather than the one agreed while the call.

Transfer from airport to city center costs from 25 to 50 Georgian lari. Price depends on which part of the town you want to go to. Shuttle to center costs 25-30 Georgian lari, but suburbs more.

Here’s the list of most popular taxi companies and their contact information:

  1. Maxim Taxi – you can use the service by mobile application, web page or a phone call and it’s available in several cities of Georgia. For details please visit the link: https://taximaxim.ge/en/
  2. Tbilisi Taxi - you can use the service by mobile application or a phone call and it’s available only in Tbilisi. For details please visit the link: http://tbilisitaxi.ge/
  3. Taxify - you can use the service by mobile application or a phone call and it’s available only in Tbilisi. For details please visit the link: https://taxify.eu/ru/%D0%B3%D0%BE%D1%80%D0%BE%D0%B4%D0%B0/tbilisi/
  4. Tbilisi International Airport taxi service – you can use the service only by the phone call on following number: +995 32 2511511. Price of transfer to city center is 25 Georgian lari. For details please visit the link: http://www.tbilisiairport.com/en-EN/Transportation/Pages/Taxi.aspx

There are other alternative ways of shuttle too. You can use public transport such as bus or train. Both cost 0.5 Georgian lari. The only bus that has a route airport-city center is number 37. Railway station is in 70 meters from airport and its direction is central station. These options have time limits, also they are less comfortable as the price is so low. For details please visit these links:


Tbilisi International Airport also has another shuttle option. Direction is city center and price is 10 Georgian lari. Transports is a comfortable mini bus. You can use the service only by the phone call on the following number: 2 51 11 11. For the details please visit the link: http://www.tbilisiairport.com/en-EN/Transportation/Pages/Shuttle-Service.aspx

Don’t let anyone use your condition! Get more information and save your budget.

We wish you a pleasant trip!


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