02 September, 2018

Taxi service in Georgia

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Most tourists don’t know new location well so they tend to choose taxi as a main transport. Taxi drivers will always try to use this no matter in which country you are. Let’s take a look at possible problems that may occur in communication with individual taxi drivers:

  • Greatest issue is the language barrier. Older generation mostly speak Russian while youngsters are fluent in English, but most of taxi drivers don’t speak any language other than their mother tongue Georgian. Most of them use body and gestures to communicate with foreigners. The possibility of misunderstanding grows and may end with an unpleasant situation.
  • Individual taxi drivers love to talk and socialize with their costumers whether or not they speak the same language. This can be a tiring experience.
  • Individual taxi driver may appear to be a newcomer in the city and not know roads or streets well. People come from province to big cities in hope to make reasonable income and most of them start with taxi service. This could be another obstacle.
  • Using an individual taxi driver can be problematic as their price is never fixed. Drive cost differs according to day and night time, traffic.
  • You can never be sure about physical or psychological stability of an individual taxi driver. If you catch a cab on a street in midnight, driver might not be sober or mentally stable.

To escape these or other kinds of possible problems, it’s much better and safer to use taxi companies. You can be sure that in this case driver knows the roads and streets well (or at least uses GPS) is tested and stable, most importantly price is fixed. Language barrier is less awaited but even if driver doesn’t speak your language all the main details are agreed before (price, destination) with the company. For all of these reasons taxi companies own a great advantage.

For more information about airport shuttle please visit the link: Airport shuttle Tbilisi, Georgia

Here’s the list of top 3 taxi companies in Georgia:

  1. Maxim Taxi – you can use the service by mobile application, web page or a phone call and it’s available in several cities of Georgia. For details please visit the link: https://taximaxim.ge/en/ 

  2. Tbilisi Taxi - you can use the service by mobile application or a phone call and it’s available only in Tbilisi. For details please visit the link: http://tbilisitaxi.ge/

  3. Taxify - you can use the service by mobile application or a phone call and it’s available only in Tbilisi. For details please visit the link: https://taxify.eu/ru/%D0%B3%D0%BE%D1%80%D0%BE%D0%B4%D0%B0/tbilisi/
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