12 March, 2019

Driving in Georgia, country

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Driving in Georgia is adventurous since there are lots of interesting places that only can be found traveling by car. Georgia offers plenty of epic driving.

Here is some useful information:

Trust the police

In Georgia public trusts the police as they are citizen-oriented. In fact, there is no corruption in Georgia and policemen never solicit bribes. If you face some difficulties, don't hesitate to ask a policeman for help.

A car accident that does not result in serious injury is often settled without police involvement. But in case of an accident, we recommend you to call the car insurance and not to move the car until the police come.

The safety measures you should know

There are a series of road safety regulations you must be aware of when driving in Georgia:

Using a mobile phone

Using a cell phone while driving in Georgia, is strictly forbidden. If the use of a cell phone is necessary, pull over to a safe location for the duration of the call.

Note that using headphones, ear-pieces, or speaker-phone while driving, is not prohibited.

Seatbelts are a must

All drivers traveling in Georgia are required to wear their seatbelt when driving a car. Drivers are considered responsible for fines, even those that apply to passengers not wearing their seatbelt.

Note that this rule concerns only the front passenger seats.

Don't drink and drive

Georgia is famous for its winemaking culture. Georgians are happy to offer travelers homemade wine as a gesture of hospitality.

Yet, there are punishments for those that choose to drive under the influence of alcohol. If stopped by the police, it is compulsory for all drivers to submit to a Breathalyzer test if asked to do so.

Do you have to pay to use the roads in Georgia?

No, you don't have to pay, it's free.


Parking is paid service in Georgia. Take into account that it only concerns the street parking bay places, which are signified by white lines. Note that many drivers find parking in center of the capital city hard.

Tbilisi parking prices: 1 week – 4 Gel, 6 month – 25 Gel, 1 year – 50 Gel.

Batumi parking prices: 1 day - 1 Gel, 1 week - 5 Gel, 1 month - 10 Gel, 1 year - 40 Gel.

Kutaisi parking prices: 1 day -2 Gel, 1 week – 5 Gel, 1 month – 10 Gel, 1 Year – 40 Gel.


Road surface condition in Georgia is regularly upgrading and improving. There are still some rural places that need renewing, but overall the situation on roads is quite good. In Georgia roads are equipped with speed camera radars. The official speed limit on Georgian motorways is 110 km/h.

Zebra crossings

In Georgia, zebra crossings don’t work very well, but it has a tendency of improving. Be attentive as Pedestrians have their style of crossing streets. Sometimes they can cross road spontaneously.

Nevertheless, in crowded, touristic places, drivers tend to obey zebra crossing rules and prioritize pedestrians.


In many places, traffic is monitored via automatic segmental cameras. The cameras check car speed by segment. In case of speed exceeding you get fined.

We recommend you to obey the signs and never exceed speed.

Some tips

Note that Georgians drive on the right side of the road. Georgians are friendly with traffic lights they usually obey the rules.

Take into account that drivers may go creative against the traffic flow and create traffic lanes.

In order to avoid traffic jam check the Google map. While a GPS will come in handy for navigation, do not rely on it exclusively. GPS systems do not always reflect the latest road openings and closings.

Be aware that Georgians are not friendly with a turn-signal sign.

In case of emergency, here are some auto services that may come in handy:



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