29 August, 2018

Emergency services in Georgia

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The most important and basic information you must have before visiting a new place is about emergency services. You should definitely know where to call when you appear in a situations when:

  • Someone violates your rights;
  • You witness violation of someone else’s rights and/or any other type of law breaking;
  • You have urgent health problems;
  • You appear in a dangerous situation (fire, flood, earthquake);

There’s only one emergency number in Georgia that provides every kind of urgent help: 112

By calling this number you can summon:

  • Ambulance
  • Firefighting crew
  • Police
  • Extreme situation management crew

The service is also adapted for people with special needs. The information of an urgent situation and the call for help can be made by video call and even SMS. See the details and video instruction on the following link: http://112.gov.ge/?m=111

There’s a web-page dedicated to children - http://kids.112.ge It teaches them the recognition of an extreme situation and the basic reaction. Also where and how they should call for help in those cases.

You can call 112 from any place in Georgia at any time of the day and night.

For the productiveness of the call you should take into account following information:

  • Speak clearly and calm to the operator;
  • Tell the exact address of the case to the operator;
  • Describe what happened and what kind of help you need to the operator;
  • Tell your name and surname to the operator;
  • Do not hang up before the operator is done speaking to you.

Using emergency services are absolutely free!

112 has a new service – wrecker service. Towing vehicle is available only in Tbilisi for now. The service price is 30 Georgian Lari. 1km on standard towing vehicle costs 3 Georgian Lari, 1km on crane evacuator costs 4 Georgian Lari.

If you are traveling with your own car in Tbilisi and got into trouble you can definitely use the towing vehicle service by dialing 112.

For additional information visit the official web-page of 112: http://112.gov.ge/?m=2

Read the article How safe is to travel in Georgia to find out more about safety and Georgian Police.

Have a safe trip!

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