24 January, 2019

New Year in Georgia

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New Year in Georgia is one of the most important celebrations and everyone, regardless of the age, waits impatiently for it. The population meets the New Year with new hopes, wishes, and goals by sitting down to the table or attending some events.

New Year’s Tradition in Georgia

The tradition of celebrating New Year’s Eve is diverse in Georgia. Every part of the country celebrates this celebration in their traditional way. Locals want to have magical New Year, so they start to prepare everything for New Year’s Eve two months earlier. And still, if you don’t know where to spend New Year’s Eve in Georgia, read our article and get a lot of useful information.

Georgian appetizers, tradition, entertainment, festival, and joyfulness with your family members or friends are all you need for the perfect New Year’s Eve. So, we’re pretty ready to tell you more about how Georgians celebrate New Year’s Eve in Georgia.



December is the last and the most “colorful” month of the year. It’s the month when the city is decorated with Christmas illuminations and celebrates the coming year. Everyone participates in the preparation process of New Year’s Eve, and they wait for it with their sparkling eyes. The New Year events, festivals and a lot of entertainment opportunities gather together to end the last month of the year with joy.

Most people of Georgia celebrates New Year’s Eve with their family members and friends. So, “supra” should look its best way. The traditional appetizers and sweets should be laid on the table, that’s honestly an important element for Georgians.

Do you know what means the true preparation for New Year’s Eve? Preparing the gifts for New Year’s Eve, buying the products, standing in the long traffic jam and in the lines to buy Georgian bread for hours, and still laying the table with joy.

31 December

The day before New Year’s Eve and the supra is in the preparation process during the whole day if people celebrate New Year at home for sure. The Georgian feast is distinguished because it’s full of delicious traditional foods. Gozinaki, made with honey and nuts, is one of the favorite sweet for Georgians.

The Georgian foods and sweets such as Satsivi, Khachapuri, Churchkhela, and Gozinaki are the essential elements for the New Year feast. As soon as the table is laid and the events ready to start, the desire to step into New Year grows. And, when the clock strikes twelve everyone celebrates the New Year’s Eve.


January 1st

Majority of people celebrate New Year’s Eve, and they don’t sleep at all during the whole night. They start to celebrate the biggest international festival at midnight on January 1 and continue the celebration for several days.

2 January – Bedoba

2 January, the second day of the New Year is the “Bedoba” day for Georgians. According to the tradition, it’s important how you spend your day because the whole year will be the same to this day. And that’s why, Georgians try to be happy on this day, have joy and bring a little luck in their life. The main character of this day is “Mekvle” – the first guest who comes to the family on January 2. That being said, that Mekvle should be a significant guest for the Georgian traditional family. Both, the guest and host celebrate New Year together with a little bit of luck.


The old new year

The Old New Year is the Orthodox informal traditional holiday as well in Georgia. Georgians celebrate the Old New Year on January 14 however they prepare less than it happens on January 1. People say goodbye the Old New Year with a celebration and meet New Year with new energy.

As you may find out, Georgia stands outs from other countries for its different way of celebrating New Year’s Eve and its traditions in the country.

As people say, the miracle happens on New Year’s Eve. So, we believe, all of your wishes for New Year will come true!

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