I was in the seventh grade, when me and my classmates played our first truant and visited Metekhi Street. We were roaming around the street during the whole day, taking pictures, surveying beautiful corners of that place and still, it was not enough! I will never forget that feeling… It was like a mini Paris...

Metexi street

I must say, that Metekhi Street is the number one place one should see in Tbilisi. We all know, that Tbilisi is believed to be one of the most picturesque cities of the former Soviet Union, as it is located strategically at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, also along the historic Silk Road routes. Well, I must say, that for Tbilisi such place is Metekhi Street. Wonderful, unforgetable- views can be seen from here : looking upstream, beyond the roundabout at the north end of the Metekhi Bridge and the mouth of the tunnel under the Avlabari cliffs, you’ll see the new Peace Bridge across the river, and so on... 

views from metekhi, tbilisi

To the north, looking down on the bridge, is new presidential place with its striking egg-shaped glass cupola.  Also,  you can see a magnificent view of the Old Town, the Narikala Fortress, and the monumental Statue of Mother Georgia at the top of the Sololki Rande. Why I love this place  exceedingly? Because it has the soul of old times, if you are tired with those modern places, the noise, the minimalism of modern architecture, and everything, you can just set your foot here. This will be the door to a different era, the Romanticism Epoch, when knights were walking with carriages in front of their lovers’ houses, just to glimpse an eye to them from their balconies. Even the series of the most popular TV show - Tiflisi- has filmed here (which deficts the history of Old Tbilisi )

metekhi streets tbilisi

This is also cultural-importance place, as it has a great history : that rocky outcrop had strategic importance from the earliest days of the city’s history. On this site in the fifth century Vakhtang Gorgasali, the city’s founder, built one of the first five churches that Tbilisi possessed. It’s told, that Gorgasali symbolically resembled the church built on the Virgin Mary’s tomb in the Gethsemane garden in Jerusalem. Right in front of the temple stands unique, modern monument - a bronze statue of Vakhtang Gorgasali.

vakhtng gorgasali monument metekhi tbilisi

Here was also buried one of Georgia’s most beloved saints, St. Shushanik. And of course, to the right from Metekhi Bridge, under the Metekhi temple, there you can see a small church, as a symbol of St. Abo Tbileli’s memory and love. 

abo tiflis temple

To the east of the Metekhi temple along Metekhi plateau, one can see old galleried houses perched on the cliff overlooking the Kura river (Mtkvari) and creating a unique atmosphere characteristic only to Tbilisi. The most of the pictures, which draws foreigners’ attention on social networks, are taken here. 
Metekhi street is also very popular for it's old-style, mystique Hotels in every corner. From all of them the holiday-makers can have the greatest views all over the city. Especilly this is unbelievably beautiful at night, when one can see the view of The Metekhi Church, The Equestrian Statue of King Vakhtang Gogasali and fortress Narikala in Old Historic District of  Old Tbilisi. All of them are the most popular places for tourists. Daily Metekhi Street changes the illumination of the lightings, so one can never get bored looking at it. I'll show you a picture of it, but blieve me pictures cantexpress this beauty, you should see it with your own eyes! views from metekhi

Also I advise you to see the Tower of Metekhi, (which is also called the Isani Godol) which is situated near the Metekhi Street. From here you can see how river Kura reflects both- right and left sides of the Tbilisi. Believe me, you will never forget that scene. One may say, that Metekhi is the pure place for Georgian residents.metekhi tower isnis godoli