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Funicular - mountain-cable way, the same tram, culture and leisure complex on Mtatsminda plateau, Tbilisi. The cable car connects the central part of the city with Mtatsminda Plateau.

60 people can travel in funicular carriages at the same time. On the way there is a beautiful view of Tbilisi. The funicular has a total of three stations: upper, middle and lower stations. By leaving at the middle station you will be able to visit the Church of Father David and the Pantheon of Public Figures, which is an integral part of Mtatsminda.

The length of the cable car is 501 meters. The height of the upper station of the funicular is 727 m above sea level, 460 m below the lower station, the level difference between the stations is 267 m. The funicular works on a daily basis for all seasons of the year.

Funicular tram carriages run from the upper and lower stations every 10 minutes. It only takes 3 minutes to cover the entire distance.

Working hours: 09:00 -23: 30. - It is restricted to go out with a funicular from 23:30 and it is possible to leave only from the upper station before closing the restaurant funicular.


In the 1900s, the so-called The idea of ​​cultivating Upper Tbilisi is created. According to the plan, "Upper Tbilisi" should have been cultivated on Mtatsminda plateau. Zemo Tbilisi Development Plan and Street Network have been developed. The main problem was the traffic communication with Kveda Tbilisi. The Belgian company, the owner of the Tbilisi tram network, presented the way to solve this problem. At the initiative of Belgian engineer Alphonse Robbie, the new district was to be connected to the old city by a mining tram - a funicular.

Construction of the funicular began in September 1903, with foreign specialists involved in its construction. The construction project was designed by French engineer A. Blanche, the architectural part was designed by Tbilisi architect A. Shimkevich. The construction of the road was led by Belgian and Italian engineers I. Ragoler and Al. Fontana-Ross. Niko Nikoladze made a great contribution to the construction of the funicular, at the initiative of which the reinforced concrete works for the overpass were completed in a short time.

The funicular was opened on March 27, 1905. Niko Pirosmani dedicated a large painting to his show. The Belgian Anonymous Society, the owner of the funicular, announced a large sum of money for those who wanted to take the wagon to and from Mtatsminda to encourage first-time travelers.

The first reconstruction of the funicular was carried out in 1936-1938, a new one was built on the site of the old upper station (authors: architects: Z. and N. Kurdian, co-author A. Valabuev), the second in 1968-1969, this time a new building was built instead of the old lower station. The access square to the funicular has been expanded.

After a long pause, the funicular has been updated and opened in 2012. Currently, there is a restaurant in the upper station of the funicular.

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