khalde svaneti უშგული Ushguli Svaneti Ушгули Сванети khalde svaneti უშგული Lamaria Ushguli Svaneti Ушгули Сванети khalde svaneti უშგული, ჩაჟაში, ზემო სვანეთი - Ushguli, Zemo Svaneti Chazhashi khalde svaneti უშგული, ზემო სვანეთი - Ushguli, Zemo Svaneti khalde svaneti

About Khalde-Ushguli

Best time to visit: Summer, September, October

One of the best route to introduce ourselves to beautiful nature and interesting places of Svaneti is the trail from Khalde to Ushguli. 

Svaneti is the homeland of the highest peaks, defensive fortresses older than 1000 years and people, who have kept traditions and language into modern society. 

Khalde – village who rebelled against Russia, fought to the end and was destroyed as the result. Despite that village still, exist. 

Ushguli – is located at the Caucuses at the elevation of the 2100 MSL, at the bottom of the mountain Shkhara. In the past village was considered to be the highest inhabited place in Europe. The village is rich with culture and traditions. 

The centre of the commune – village Chajashi is claimed as the museum and listed in the world heritage site by UNESCO



Day 1:

The route starts from the village Khalde where you can get by 4X4 vehicle. The trail starts at 2070 MSL and follows the Khaldechala gorge toward the glacier. After the 4 km, we are crossing the river by the small bridge which is located near the campsite and the ruins of the village. After we cross the bridge, the trail continues to the North-East. In 3 kilometres you will reach the campsite at 2450 MSL. There is the small stream which might be used as the drinking water, you can find firewood as well.
There is the glacier of Khaldechala 1 km far from the campsite.
Distance – 7 km (+1 km if you would like to get to the glacier)
Ascend – 380 meters.


Day 2:

This day is more difficult. We are starting at 2450 MSL and ascend to the pass Mapknari at 3050 MSL. From the pass the magnificent view reviles. You can enjoy views of the following peaks: Shkhara, Ushba, Tetnuldi and Elbrus. From the pass, the trail goes along the ridge and descend to village Ushguli at 2150 MSL.
Distance - 11 km;
Ascend - 600 meters;
Descend - 900 meters.

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Duration: 2 days
Total distance: 18 km
Difficulty: Medium

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