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Kldeisi is the old name of the villages - Didi Kldeisi(Big Kldeisi) and Patara Kldeisi(Small Kldeisi). These two villages are located next to each other, in Kvemo Kartli region, Tetritskaro municipality. Large and small Kldeisi are located in the Khrami Valley, on the right side of the Kldeisi water, at 1380 meters above sea level. Medieval settlements and temples are preserved in Kldeisi. There was an important road that connected Trialeti with Samshvilde. This village is archeologically unexplored. It is expected that traces of earlier life would also be found here. Kldeisi is mentioned in the following written sources: Vakhushti Bagrationi's "Description of the Kingdom of Georgia", Ioane Bagrationi's "Description of Kartli-Kakheti" and historical documents of the XVI-XVIII centuries. The village and its surroundings are distinguished with wonderful nature. Forests, valleys, high waterfalls and natural cave-freezers create a wonderful environment for lovers of relaxation and nature wanders. You can also visit the Virgin Mary church of the X-XI centuries, the early medieval St. George's Church, the ruins of a fortress and the Khorkhebi freezer.

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mosab nasser
mosab nasser

Hello there
Can we find a place to stay there? A guest house maybe?

Mariam Pirashvili
Mariam Pirashvili

Hello, unfortunately we dont have any information about the guest houses or hotels there.


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