Kutaisi International Airport

Kutaisi International Airport

About Kutaisi International Airport

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Kutaisi International Airport, as well as Davit Agmashenebeli International Airport or Kopitnari - is located 14 kilometers west of Kutaisi, 200 kilometers from Tbilisi, 120 kilometers from Batumi.

It is one of the three international airports in Georgia, along with Tbilisi International Airport and Batumi International Airport. The length of the runway is 2,600 meters and fully meets modern standards. The airport can handle up to 600 passengers at a time.

The airport was renovated in 2012 and is the only international airport in the region to offer customers low-cost airline services.

Kutaisi Airport is of key importance. It is connected to Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia within a radius of 300 kilometers. Thanks to the favorable climatic conditions and infrastructure, Kutaisi Airport is of minor importance - it is possible to manage the flight in any weather and visibility conditions.

There is a cafeteria in both arrivals and departures at the airport.

Transport to the airport

Bus - Transportation of passengers from Kutaisi Airport to the three main cities of Georgia (Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi) is carried out by buses / minibuses by two companies - Georgian Bus and Omnibus Express.

The transportation schedule in the direction of the airport and vice versa is adjusted to the flight schedule of Kutaisi International Airport.

Taxi - A2B /”Georgian Bus” taxi stand at the exit of the airport terminal building.


Kutaisi International Airport offers customers 24/7 parking services: Parking includes 124 parking spaces, including special places for people with disabilities.

The cost of parking is 1 GEL per hour, and in case of parking from 7 to 24 hours is 7 GEL.

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Rati Qiziyeli
Rati Qiziyeli

gamarjobat... upirvelesad gisurvebt momavalshi warmatebebs saqartvelos ganvitarebisa da ketildgeobistvis..... mainteresebda rodidan agdgeba phrenebi baltispiretis qveynebis mimartulebit... romeli aviakompaniebi sheasruleben reisebs da tu shesazlebelia pasebis taobazec shezlebisdagvarad momweret... madloba winaswar

Mariam Pirashvili
Mariam Pirashvili

მოგესალმებით, ჩვენ ვართ ტურისტული პლატფორმა და სამწუხაროდ არ ვფლობთ ამ ინფორმაციას. გთხოვთ დეტალური ინფორმაციისთვის დაუკავშირდეთ უშუალოდ აეროპორტს ნომერზე: 0431 23 70 00 .

გამარჯობათ, მაინტერესებს ვარშავის ან ბერლინის ავიარეისები თუ არის დანიშნული აგვისტოს თვეში? თუ არა და როდისაა უნდა დაინიშნოს, ბილეთის ყიდვა ან მინდა და ვერ მოვახერხე, რეალის ფასად? გთხოვთ მომწეროთ პასუხი

Mariam Pirashvili
Mariam Pirashvili

მოგესალმებით, ბილეთების და ფრენების შესახებ გთხოვთ დაუკავშირდეთ უშუალოდ აეროპორტს ნომერზე: 0431 23 70 00


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