Metekhi Bridge, Old Tbilisi Метехский мост მეტეხის ხიდი Metekhi Bridge Метехский мост

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Metekhi Bridge in named after St. One hundred thousand Georgian martyrs and is located in the old part of Tbilisi, on the river Mtkvari, near the Metekhi temple. The bridge offers excellent views of the city and is one of the most popular places in Tbilisi. Apart from the Metekhi Cathedral on the edge of the cliff, the most important and large-scale monuments - Narikala Fortress, Kartli Mother and the diverse architecture of old Tbilisi - can be seen. The beautiful view from the bridge unfolds at night, the illuminated city reflected on the water is magical and unforgettable. There is a wine cellar and Queen Darejan Palace, a Meidan with colorful carpets and carved balconies, Abanotubani, the Tbilisi History Museum and many other sights. Rike Park is also located near the Metekhi Bridge - one of the best places to have fun and unwind. It is possible to climb the Narikala on a cable car from Rike Park. You will also find many cafes, restaurants and hotels around the bridge, where you will be able to taste Georgian cuisine and have a good time. Surrounded by cultural and historical monuments, beautiful environment and amazing views, Metekhi Bridge attracts a lot of people.


Metekhi Bridge has a long history. Here, on the site of the present bridge, there was a bridge in the early Middle Ages, which was under constant surveillance of the fortifications on both sides of the river, and the system of buildings allowed effective control of the river bed and the road leading along it. It is possible that the bridge also had a religious load. The bridge has been repeatedly demolished and rebuilt. According to sources, there was a one-story wooden bridge here from the beginning. In 1046, when Bagrat IV entered Tbilisi, the people of Isani (currently part of Tbilisi) destroyed a bridge "... and did not give him to Isani" ("Life of Kartli"). In the following periods it was rebuilt again in 1797, although it existed only until 1805. The bridge was swept away by a burst river. The bridge, built in 1805, stood until 1826, when it was replaced by an arched bridge. In 1870 a metal bridge was erected here. The current Metekhi Bridge was opened in 1951. Construction of the current bridge destroyed one of the colorful districts of old Tbilisi. In addition to the dwellings, the caravansars, the Shah Abbas Mosque covered with majolica was also destroyed.

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