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Mtirala National Park- this is the national park of the whole Adjara, between Kobuleti, Khelvachauri, and Keda municipalities. The administrative center is located in the borough of Chakvi, and as for the visitors center, one can see in the village of Chakvistavi (15 km from Chakvi.)

At 1761 meters from sea level, there is a mountain, which wears the same name. Here is located the park itself. This place is said to be the most humid place not only in Georgia, but also, in the whole Europe. The reason is that this place is very often visited by the rain and thick fog. These are the reasons, why this mountain was called -"Mtirala", ("The Weeper" in English).

The surroundings of the Mtirala National Park is rich with flora and fauna. There is widespread woody verdure, chestnut copses, beech forests, Colchis typed mixed woods. Here also you will come across Adzharian- Lazian very rare, endemic species, and those varieties of Georgian "Red List", like Epigaea Gaultherioides, primrose, so-called "Medvedev's Birch" and so on...

There are different types of birds of prey indwelt in the forest: Booted Eagle, Buzzard, hawk, sparrow-hawk, coral, Windover.

Also, night-birds: great eagle-owl, screech owl.

From other species of birds, there are inhabited hoopoe, Woodpecker, raven, blackbird, oriole.

In the Mtirala National Park, there functions one-day or 2-day touristic routes. The path is marked and equipped. There are well-organized places for a picnic, as well as, for camping, you can easily find special places, assigned for bone-fire. Also, on the 9th km of the path, there is Mtirala Turistic Shelter, where you can have a night-stand. The National Park offers the visitors special tours: campaigns, riding, scientific and eco-friendly tours.

Mtirala also has its own significant, remarkable places, which you should see. There are picturesque Mountain Lake and Chestnut Copse's Waterfall.

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giorgi lacabidze
giorgi lacabidze

სოფელ ჩაქვისთავში როგორ შეიძლება მისვლა? ანუ მოძრაობს რაიმე სამარშუტო ტრანსპორტი?

natia lomineishvili
natia lomineishvili

დიახ მოძრაობს სამარშრუტო ტაქსი "ბათუმი-ჩაქვისთავი" (გადის ბათუმის ავტოსადგურიდან, ოთხშაბათობითა და პარასკეობით 16:00. ასევე შესაძლებელია სამარშრუტო ტაქსით "ბათუმი-ქობულეთი"/"ბათუმი-ჩაქვი" რეისით სარგებლობა და დაბა ჩაქვის ცენტრიდან სოფელ ჩაქვისთავამდე ისარგებლოთ ტაქსით.


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