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Hi, I’m Nika young and energetic trekking guide with 5-year experience. I like travelling a difficult road with my off-roader, climbing and hiking on challenging trails. I find difficult trails as the challenges and possibilities, as well, to increase my skills and endurance.

Despite been active while exploring my personal limits I try to select the pace base on the group capacity. It is crucial to remember that the process of the exploration should be fun, as well, not only the final destination. I can also provide transportation service with my off-roader. 


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Anika Zaqariashvili

ძალიან სანდო და გამოცდილი გიდია, მისი წყალობით ბევრი სირთულე მაქვს დაძლეული. ^_^

Heba Ibrahim

Nika was my guide during my first trip to Georgia. The hiking itenrary he planned was full of adventures, excitement, total immersion in the Georgian culture and a lot of memories to cherish. I have been to so many places in Stepansminda such as Gergeti hike trail to Trinity Church, Gveliti waterfalls, Tskhita, Roshka village hike to Abudelauri magic lakes, Chuckhi pass, and Vardzia caves. In addition to the hiking trips, I have enjoyed paragliding ziplining, and rafting. He was so flexible and attentive to all my needs and even changed the trail plan for me so that it would be more convenient. If anyone would like to experience real Georgian hikes, mountains, music, a lot of stories about Georgian culture, funny chitchat during the trip, then Nika is the one for you!💯

Thank you 🥰

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