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Hi there, I am happy to know that you are interested in visiting Sakartvelo (Georgia), a jam in the crown of Caucasus. My long lasting presence in the region have been used to explore and deepen knowledge about its marvels. My education spins around archaeology and the heritage of past societies what gives an powerful set of tools extremely helpful during guiding.Passion for natural wanders seen  via photo-camera altered it all. I would like to take you into well known places or these out of bitten track and share some facts free of standardised information as well as mistaken opinions. Born in Poland, brewed in UK, matured in Caucasus as its finest wines..I am here to guide you into maze of its history, tastes and vibes enriched for centuries by flow of ideas and goods along Silk Roads spanning together four cardinal directions of the world. 

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Anna Machel

No words can describe how fantastic it was to travel with Przemek! Thanks to him, my first visit to Georgia was beyond any description. His vast knowledge, passion and amazing personality has made my travel an exciting adventure. I wish all travellers to have a chance to meet Przemek on their way. Przemku if you are reading this- DIDI MADLOBA and see You next time :)

weike liu

Very excellent experience! Prezmak really showed us many details about Tiblis city history!! And he even did a brief presentation to memorize this wonderful tour!! Thanks a lot ;))))

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