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About Keli Lake

Best time to visit: Summer

Keli Lake is located in the Tskhinvali region, Akhalgori Municipality, on the volcanic plateau of Keli, at 2914 meters above sea level. It was part of the Mtskheta-Mtianeti region in 1995-2008. The lake is currently in Russian-occupied territory. The surface area is 1.28 km, and the greatest depth is 63 m. Surrounded by volcanic mountains, the blue, rippling lake, open spaces, and various colors create an amazing sight. This place is perfect for hiking and adventure lovers. The lake and its surroundings have great tourism potential. Keli Lake and the beautiful views of the Keli plateau will fill you with unforgettable impressions. The lake basin is created by damming the lava flow of a large glacial circus, which was later recycled by the glacier. It holds two basins. The lake is fed by snow, groundwater and rainwater. The maximum water level is in June and the minimum in February. From the lake flows the river Ksani. The Keli Lake is covered with ice for 7-8 months. In the vicinity of Keli Lake, you can visit Kelitsadi and Archebi lakes.

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