The hiking route to Udziro Lake starts from the village Shovi, a kilometer away from hotel Sunset Shovi. Marking post standing right on the road shows the direction of the trail, as well as, indicates the time and distance to the destination. The route is fully marked and there is almost no chance to lose the path and direction.

In the beginning trail enters the forest and ascends on the sharp hillside. You’d better fill up your bottles with water in the very beginning of the route, because you will hardly find any water in the forest, until you will not leave the forest and go on in the alpine. As soon as you reach the turning point, trail continues up to the direction of pass. Pass goes through the Katitsvera and Dolomisistsveri mountains and descends to the lake. It’s not a long distance from pass to the lake, but you will still need around one hour to reach the lake, because of the shape and condition of trail. In total, you will need to hike around 6-7 hours. Almost the whole trail is going up and it takes a lot of energy.

Having a clear weather will let you have a picturesque view on the river Chanchakhi valley and on the Caucasus Mountains. On the surface of tranquil lake are reflected stunning silhouettes of mountain peaks which notably attracts and fascinates visitors.

In front of lake, it is a great place to have a camp, but in case of rain, you’d better fix your tents on the upper left part of the lake, in order to avoid flooding water in the tents.

Half of the second day could be spent on enjoying the environment and taking the memories on the photos. It is strongly recommended to reach the top of right hillside, and you will be able to look at the lake from a different angle, as well as have an astonishing views on the Caucasus Mountains.

As far as this is a circle route, you will not need go back the same way. Rising up a hill on the right side, will let you stand on the pass, from where you go down about 9 km to the village Glola and it takes about 3-4 hours.