The route starts at the entrance to the village of Chiora, passes through the village and enters the small gorge of the Kholi River. The water source is at the end of the village. 500 m to the northeast of the water source the route crosses the river and goes uphill through wide serpentines to the watershed ridge separating the rivers Kholi and Chveshura from the river of Khvarchula. Approximately 1600 meters from the river cross point there is the turning point to the church. The distance from the turning point to the church is 400-450 meters. The route from the turning point of the church follows the serpentine and reaches the top of the mountain. From the top of the mountain, the trail goes to the northeast, overcomes the source of river Kholi and reaches Mount Chiora (altitude: 2386 meters above sea level). From the vicinity of Mount Chiora you can enjoy a beautiful view of the surrounding area. The route approaches the gorge of the river Notsaruli. Near the river of Notaries, on the right bank, you will find a shepherd's hut. There are two sources of water: one common freshwater, and the other - mineral water. Here you can camp.