Village Jvelurta - Villages of Gometsari gorge - Village Omalo

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About Village Jvelurta - Villages of Gometsari gorge - Village Omalo

Best time to visit: June, July, August, September

Rout starts from the village Jvelurta of the Chagma tusheti and goes through the villages of the Gomertsari gorge and ends in village Omalo.



Day 1: Get to Village Jvelurta

You will need 4X4 vehicle to get to Tusheti and then to village Jvelurta.


Day 2: village Jvelurta - Village Goglurta

The uphill will take you to the ridge separating Chagmatusheti from Gometsari gorge. On the other side of the mountain the trail descends to river Ortskali gorge though the village Sabue. You will cross the river and ascends, then trail goes along the left slope of the Ortskali river. The path will take you to the village Goglurta.


Day 3: village Goglurta - village Dochu

There are two ways to get to village Dochu from the village Goglurta. The long trail goes though the villages Bukhurta, Iliurta and Beghela. This option is the safest. You can use the vehicle from the village Iliurta. The second shorter path descend to the gorge, crosses the river and ascends right to village Dochu. You should find out the info about the bridge condition from administration of the Tusheti Protected Areas or from the people in village Goglurta.


Day 4: Dochu - Omalo

You can use the transport to get from village Dochu to village Omalo. Road will go through the village Bochorna.


You can get to Tusheti by the 4X4 vehicle which you can hire in Tbilisi, Telavi or in the center of the village Kvemo Alvani.

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Duration: 4 days
Total distance: 45 km
Difficulty: Medium

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