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About Akhmeta

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Akhmeta - City in Eastern Georgia, Akhmeta municipality administrative center. Located in the Kakheti region, on the right side of the river Alazani, on the plain between the downstream of the  Ilto River and the Orvili River, at the entrance to the Pankisi Gorge. At an altitude of 567 meters above sea level. It is cultivated at the entrance of the Pankisi Gorge.


There are many monuments of architecture in the municipality, including for defensive importance:

    • Bakhtrioni Fortress;
    • Kvetera;
      • Alaverdi Monastery;
        • Tskhrakara Monastery of Matani;
          • The complex of Tskhrakara palace
          42.034535, 45.208
          Distance from the Capital
          114 km (70.84 mi)
          Recommended duration
          1 day

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          ალავერდი, კახეთი - Alaverdi, Kakheti

          Alaverdi - Cathedral and Monastery is located in the Kakheti region of Akhmeta municipality, on Alaz...

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