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About Sagarejo

Sagarejo is a municipality in Kakheti region, located in eastern Georgia. From the first half of the VI century, several villages of Outer Kakheti (Gare Kakheti) was represented the feudal estate of Gareji, which was the largest monastic center. Over time, Kakheti was called Sagarejo, the country of Gareji, and from the VI century in historical sources it is mentioned by this name. In the first half of the XVII century, the Outer Kakheti region was completely destroyed by the Shah Abbas invasion. The re-settlement of the destroyed Sagarejo started in the second half of the XVII century and at the beginning of the XVIII century, the population began to settle massively. During this period the rebuilding of Sagarejo temples and the great rebuilding began, with the help of Onofre Garejeli, who is considered as a rebuilder of Sagarejo (Onofre Garejeli- Georgian church figure and writer, he is canonized as a saint). Nowadays, several theaters and libraries are functioning in the region. Agriculture is developed in the municipality, especially viticulture and livestock. Sagarejo is distinguished by its beautiful nature and important cultural monuments. Open spaces, colorful deserts, fortresses or ancient church-monasteries attract many tourists. Some public holidays are celebrated in the district, including: Garejoba, Goglaoba, Berikaoba, Rezooba and Vajaoba. Sagarejo also has a balneological resort - Ujarma, where you can rest in a beautiful, green environment.

Geography and Climate

Sagarejo Municipality is located in the Kakheti region of eastern Georgia. Its administrative center is a city of Sagarejo. The municipality consists of the following administrative units: city of Sagarejo, villages: Gombori, Kochbaani, Ujarma, Xashmi, Patardzeuli, Tskarostavi, Ninotsminda, Giorgitsminda, Tokhliauri, Manavi, Didi Chailuri, Patara Chailuri, Kakabeti, Verkhviani, Kandaura, Badiauri, Mzisguli, Shibliani, Iormughanlo, Duzagrama, Lambalo, Tulari, Sataple, Udabno. Sagarejo is bordered by Gurjaani municipality to the east, Gardabani to the west, Tianeti, Telavi and Akhmeta to the north, and Azerbaijan to the south. The southern part of the district is located on the hilly Iori Plateau, the northern part of the municipality is on the southwest slope of the Gombori Range. The main hydrographic network of Sagarejo is the Iori River. There are also lakes in the municipality. On Iori Plateau there is moderately warm, transitive from steppe to moderately humid climate, with hot summers. The average annual temperature is 11 ° C-12 ° C, from 0.1 ° C to 0.1 ° C in January. The foothills and lower slopes of the Gombori Range are moderately humid, with mild cold winters and long, warm summers. On the upper part of the Gombori Range is a humid climate with cold winters and long, cool summers.

What to see

Sagarejo municipality is distinguished by its beautiful, exotic nature and ancient historical-cultural monuments. The small lakes scattered on the abundant Iori Plateau, the forests of Mariamjvari Reserve or colorful deserts offer interesting routes. Here you will find yourself in a world of adventure, diversity and unforgettable impressions. Especially popular is the colorful desert of Gareji, where the amazing landscape and unique, monastery complex carved in the rock, creating a wonderful harmony of nature and culture. There are many interesting monuments besides the David Gareji Monastery in Sagarejo, which tell us about Georgian culture and history, such as: Ujarma Fortress, Manavi Church of the Virgin Mary, Manavi Fortress, Chichkhituri Monastery, etc. There is a museum of local lore in the region, where you will find many interesting exhibits of different periods. Sagarejo is an excellent place for rest and relaxation. At Ujarma Balneological Resort, sanatoriums or cottages, you can truly enjoy a comfortable and relaxing holiday.


Cultural monuments


  • Ujarma

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Population: 52,251
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