10 August, 2021

10 Best Places in Kutaisi Many People Don't Know About

If you travel to Kutaisi at least once, the joy, humor and warmth that the people of Kutaisi will give you will last a lifetime. The environment here will fill you with all the positive emotions. Kutaisi is one of the most advanced cities in Georgia in terms of cultural and historical significance. There are many sights in the capital of Imereti: Gelati Monastery, Bagrati Cathedral, Sataplia, Prometheus Cave and many other places.

Probably in the depths of every city something mysterious, unknown and interesting is hidden, about which there are many verbal stories and rumors. Kutaisi is one of the prominent cities in this regard, as it is distinguished by the abundance of important and forgotten places. This city really has a lot to be proud of, though some places are very little known. When traveling in Kutaisi, you should definitely visit the 10 best places that many do not know about.


Sapichkhia is one of the oldest districts of Kutaisi. The local community here is quite different from the rest of the city in terms of its manner of speaking and mentality. According to some assumptions, a treasure of real Kutaisi is still preserved in Sapichkhia. In this area, you will still find ancient architectural buildings. And while walking in the streets, you will definitely meet the natives of Kutaisi. The environment is ideal for a peaceful walk. You can use Sapichkhia for recharging your creativity.

Gordi Canyon

Gordi Canyon is one of the most beautiful and green places in western Georgia. Here you will meet the captivating waterfalls of Okatse. There are many swimming and recreational places in the area of ​​the canyon, where you can relax and capture your memories. In Gordi Canyon you will definitely enjoy the picturesque nature of Kutaisi and marvelous landscapes. Above the canyon, there is a less famous lake of outstanding beauty - Datvi Lake. The road leading to this place is not easy, but once you get there, an unusual sight will unfold in front of you. It will be really difficult for you to leave this place.

Iakob Gogebashvili Puppet Theater

Puppetry has great importance and history in Georgia. It mainly existed as a cult-religious phenomenon as well as a public show. One of the less-known places in Kutaisi is the Iakob Gogebashvili Puppet Theater. In this city, people love children very much and in addition to their education, they also take care of their entertainment. There are currently 27 puppet shows in the theater. Puppet works created with exceptional professionalism have been preserved to this day.

Kutaisi Lado Meskhishvili Professional State Drama Theatre

It is almost two centuries that a drama theater exists in Kutaisi. During this period the theater was able to preserve many important cultural sights. Before the opening of the new theater, the actors often changed places and finally settled in the new building of the current Kutaisi Drama Theater, which is located near the Kolkheti Fountain. In this wonderful place, you can discover a lot of rare theatrical works that have become museum exhibits. The main charm and mystery of the theater are the items of the first Kutaisian playgoers, and visiting this place will definitely show you the essence of Kutaisi talent.

Okros Chardakhi

Kutaisi was once a capital city. Georgian kings often spent time in the Okros Chardakhi, the same as the residence of the kings. According to one of the assumptions, during the reign of Bagrat III of Georgia, the idea of ​​the unification of Georgia was born here. The Okros Chardakhi is built near the Rioni River and can still be visited today. In it, you will find paintings of kings, created with superb professionalism, as well as precious historical relics. The Okros Chardakhi has been awarded in the category of an immovable cultural monument of national importance.

Ukimerioni Fortress

This historic fortress is now in ruins. It has gone through many things, but it still stands on the land of Kutaisi. Ukimerioni Fortress was considered to be one of the main sites of the Kingdom of Egrisi and was also of strategic importance. The beautiful stones of Ukimerioni, situated on the hill surrounded by Imereti greenery proudly preserve immortal history.

Zakaria Paliashvili House-Museum

At one time, a large Paliashvili family lived in Kutaisi, in a Catholic or French district. The genius man Zakaria Paliashvili spent his childhood here. The house is small, made of wood. In the yard, you will find old monuments and characteristics of Kutaisi. There is a piano of the Georgian composer in the house museum, on which he started studying the first notes. The environment here has an inspiring aura and maybe that is what made Zakaria a great musical genius.

Arkieli Hill

Arkieli Hill is one of the most mysterious and interesting places in Kutaisi. Visiting here is one big adventure. Traces of ancient people have been found in this place. There is an assumption that the oldest Kutaisi was built on Arkieli Hill. The area itself is beautiful with its antiquity and uniqueness. Part of Arkieli Hill has been submerged in water, however, it still remains a breathtaking and diverse place for visitors.

Gabashvili Hill

Gabashvili Hill is the neighboring hill of Arkieli. With some historical discoveries, it is similar to it but the difference is that suddenly pits appeared in this area and it became possible to discover and study many cultural artifacts here. This place preserves many more things we do not know about. Who knows, maybe you will become a part of a new discovery while walking on Gabashvili Hill.


In one of the most beautiful suburbs of Kutaisi, you will be able to visit old houses and roads of Kutaisi, breathe the real Kutaisi air. You will find the parks and private hotels in Gochoura. At the end of the suburb you will find the "Sanatorium of refugees", which was built specifically for vacationers. If you follow the white sand road directly from the sanatorium to the bank of the river Ogaskura, you will soon discover the spring. This place is ideal for small hikes. In the valley of the river Ogaskura, there is a cork forest, where, despite the small number of oaks, there is an unusual recreational environment.

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