13 November, 2018

Autumn in Tbilisi – Where to Go and What to See in Tbilisi

Fall in Georgia, especially in Tbilisi is remarkably beautiful. Everything shifts from green to yellow, the sun starts hiding behind the clouds, while raining becomes a constant guest in the streets of Tbilisi, and summer heat breaks into coldness.

Now, you might be ready to wear warm clothes and pick your raincoats for walking down in Tbilisi streets on rainy days.  The autumn weather in Tbilisi is always changeable. You can still enjoy the warm and sunny days in September and October, while in November it’s rarely possible. The autumn temperature in Tbilisi ranges from 21 °C - 27 °C (69.8 °F - 80.6 °F).  

Tbilisoba: The Birthday Celebration of the Capital of Georgia in October

Tbilisoba is usually celebrated on the first weekends of October. Tbilisoba 2018 was be held on 6-7 October. Sweets, national foods, juices, music, dance, and diverse cultural performances, everything comes together in one day. It’s a cultural event that is held every year. You’ll have an opportunity to see the process of making new wine and even participate in that process. In case you join the Tbilisoba Festival, you can attend open-air concerts where traditional dance and music are performed, buy traditional diverse and tasty fruits, sweets and foods. Tbilisoba is the main traditional and cultural festival during the fall in Tbilisi.


Mtatsminda Park: Enjoy the view of Tbilisi

Autumn is a month for exploring the colorful nature and the charm of Tbilisi on rainy or sunny days. Mtatsminda Park is an amusement park in Tbilisi, located on the mount Mtatsminda. If you want to spend a few hours and get both as the fascinating views as fun, Mtatsminda Park will make your day. Why in autumn? Because while getting to the park you’ll enjoy the multi-colored views of the landscapes. It won’t be as cold as you can imagine, but be sure you have any additional jacket or raincoat. At Mtatsminda Park you can enjoy the views of Tbilisi and of course, keep those moments by taking pictures at the top of the city. The entrance in the park is free, you only pay for the attractions you want to experience. Also, wine festivals take place at Mtatsminda Park in September and October, where you can taste a glass of wine for sure.

Dry bridge: A Nice Walk Along the Bridge

Dry Bridge is the place for the people who love discovering interesting, antique, and memorable stuff. Dry Bridge is located in the central part of Tbilisi. Dry Bridge is near to Dedaena Park, where you can buy handmade works, souvenirs from the Soviet Union period, porcelain, records, and artworks by Georgian artists. If you’re not a shopping lover, you can still enjoy cozy fall night walking. The environment is friendly, and fall foliage is worth to see Dry Bridge.

Botanical Garden: Nice Nature in Tbilisi

Botanical Garden of Tbilisi is the most visited destination in Tbilisi during autumn and not only. It’s near to Narikala fortress, and the cable car is available to get to the point. The price is around 2.50 Lari per way. The entrance price in Botanical Garden is at least 2 Lari. Botanical Garden is a perfect place for enjoying the sunny days. There are accessible paths for walking, and it’s not all Zip Lining is also offered.  The fall is the most popular season for weddings, and you may come across at the wedding shootings in Botanical Garden. 

Please, share your experiences, have you ever been in Tbilisi during Tbilisoba? 

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