02 September, 2018

What to see in Tbilisi in 1 day

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We all know that in one day it is not possible to explore the city, but it is possible to feel the rhythm of it. Tbilisi is eclectic city with its old town and new buildings. In one day you can make the most of your limited time.

Mtatsminda Park

We recommend you several places that are near each other. Be up early, start your day with Mtatsminda Park. Mtatsminda Park is located in a top Mountain Mtatsminda on 770 meter height. From there you can see whole Tbilisi, the view is amazingly beautiful. The amusement park offers various Cafes, child entertainment center, picnic zones, a big Ferris wheel and other great activities.

Leselidze street

From there go back to freedom square and continue your trip from Leselidze street, it is a great place to wander about, to shop for souvenirs, to try a local food and to feel the old town beauty.

Botanical garden of Tbilisi

From Leselidze you can easily go to National Botanical garden of Tbilisi, the garden collections include over 4,500 species of the flora of the Caucasus and other regions of the world. The garden history includes more than three century.


Next destination is Abanotubani, which is an important historic part of the city, according to a legend the King Vakhtang Gorgasali founded a new capital after his falcon fell in the hot spring while hunting. Abanotubani literally means bath district, it is no wonder that the place is known for its sulfuric baths, if you want to try it, make a little break and find the relaxation there, after the bath you can continue your trip with more energy.

Legvtakhevi waterfall

From Abanotubani you can go to see Legvtakhevi the beautiful place with lovely waterfall. The name of this place derived from the fruit fig, (legvi in Georgia) and ravine (khevi in Gerogia).

Rike Park

From there go to Rike park to see the fountains and well known stunning bridge of peace, which looks amazing at nights with it LED lightings.

Narikala fortress

If you have left time, use Aerial Tramway to see Narikala fortress  which dates 4 th century AD and to have closer view of a monument - mother of Georgia.

Shardeni Street

And at the end of a busy day loaded with emotions, cross the bridge of peace and go to old town little street called Shardeni, which is must-see destination of Tbilisi. Shardeni Street is a hub of different restaurants, cafes and bars for all kind of traveler.

Enjoy your day!  

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