02 July, 2019

10 Things You Can Do for Free in Tbilisi

How do you think it’s possible to plan some activities for free in Tbilisi? The answer is yes. 

The rich history, diverse culture, eye-catching architecture, and religion of the country won’t let you miss the chance to discover Tbilisi even for free. 

And, what kind of activities you can take for free while you’re in Tbilisi? 

Wander in Mtatsminda Park

Mtatsminda Park known as Bombora park is located at the 770 meters above the sea level. It’s one of the best amusement parks in Tbilisi. 

It’s free to go inside the park. The park owns the attractions, cafe-bars, restaurants, and birthday-celebration centers. 

For the best option, you can visit Mtatsminda Park with your friends or beloved ones in summer and fall. You can take hundreds of pictures and enjoy the amazing views of the city.

You can sometimes attend a lot of different types of events and concerts during the holidays. Attending to this kind of events is free, and you can make your day spectacular with your friends. 

Mtatsminda was one of the three most visited parks in the Soviet Union.

You can go to Matatsminda Park via mini-bus from the bus-station at Rustaveli Avenue or via funicular from Chonkadze street. 

Discover the Unique Stuff at the Dry Bridge

Dry Bridge is the place for discovering the old, antique, and handcrafted items. 

Are you interested in finding more about the old pieces of stuff which come even from the Second World War? 

You’ll be able to see everything which you have heard and haven’t seen so far. You can come across the unique works by Georgian artists, souvenirs, and books. 

So, are you ready to discover new and original stuff at Dry Bridge?

Attend the Puppet Theatre of Rezo Gabriadze

The Clock Tower of Rezo Gabriadze is one of the architectural landmarks of Tbilisi. Inside the tower is a puppet theatre that lasts for 5 minutes. 

The small puppet theatre awaits their guests twice a day at 10:00 AM and 19:00 PM. This is a show that showcases “The Circle of Life”.

The marionette theatre of Rezo Gabriadze and a small cozy cafe are located near to the Clock Tower. To celebrate the oncoming spring season every year, you can book your place at the terrace of a cafe. 

Rezo Gabriadze puppet theatre is located in one of the most tourist places, at Shavteli street. You can visit the puppet theatre in about 5-10 minutes from Freedom Square. 

Join a Free Walking Tour

It may sound unrealistic, but you can have a free walking tour in Tbilisi. The experienced guides of Tbilisi will show you around the main landmarks of the city. 

The free walking tour mainly starts from Freedom Square and ends in the Old Tbilisi. You’ll have a chance to see the main sights of Tbilisi such as Mother of Georgia, Metekhi Cathedral, Peace Bridge, Rike park, Narikala Fortress and so on. 

Roam around the Old City

Still can’t decide where to go for exploring the amazing, and historic buildings of Tbilisi?

The architecture of Old City is what attracts the tourists in Tbilisi. Old City is the most visited place for discovering the charm of Tbilisi. You can soak up the history, culture, and architecture of Old City.

What can you see? You can visit the historical church of Metekhi, Mother of Georgia, Narikala Fortress, Sulfur Baths, and Tbilisi Botanical Garden.

You can start visiting the places from Freedom Square through Leselidze street before the Old City. 

Go Hike the Hills

Want to be happier, more vigorous and inspired by nature? Are you ready to get closer to nature, breathe fresh air, and collect amazing memories? Then pick up your backpacks and seek your next adventure.

Tbilisi has many great places for hiking. You can plan your hiking in Tbilisi National Park, at Mtatsminda, Lisi or Turtle Lake. While hiking, you’ll be able to dive into the beauty of Tbilisi. 

You can start hiking in Vake Park and go up to Turtle Lake and you can go to Mtatsminda Park through Mama Daviti Church. 

Take Time out for a Picnic

Taking time out for a picnic would be the idea to escape the summer heat. If you can’t stand the heat, we suggest you arrange the picnic in Tbilisi. 

If you’re the one who thinks that Tbilisi isn’t a perfect option for a picnic, then you might be on the wrong path. 

Honestly, you can choose a perfect location for a picnic in the city. Don’t waste your time for going out of Tbilisi. 

You can arrange a picnic around Tbilisi Sea, Lisi Lake, and Mtatsminda Park.

Lisi Lake often hosts the events and concerts that will make your day even more fascinating. And, it’s worth a try.

Try the Georgian Wine

You can taste the Georgian wine in the central parts of Tbilisi. Lots of shops and cellars offer the guests to try the Georgian wine in the old streets of the city. 

Here’s the list of cellar and shops to try Georgian wine: Winery Khareba, 8000 Vintages, Old Cellar, Wine Gallery, Twins Wine Cellar.

To choose the desired wine wisely, you can ask for help, and get a piece of information about it. 

Attend the Flea Market

Flea Market is a place where the crafted, handmade, old, ancient, and modern stuff are gathered together.

Flea Market is held in Dedaena park every second weekend. 

So, if you’re the one who always seeks the new and original staff or decors, you know where to go. 

Attending the flea market is free. Go out, visit the Flea market, and enjoy a friendly environment with young Georgian people. 

Discover the Chronicle of Georgia (Stonehenge)

The Chronicle of Georgia is a historic monument in Tbilisi. Are you willing to see the statues of religious figures, Georgian queen and kings or even the writers? 

You can see the religious or historical events which are portrayed on the pillars. These pillars are made of stones. 

This chronicle of Georgia is one of the hidden gems in Tbilisi. You can enjoy the majestic views of Tbilisi from this place.   

Near to the statues, you can visit St. Mary church. 

This monument is located at Temka, Keeni mount.

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