02 September, 2018


Tbilisoba Feast has a big and great history. It has already commemorated for 37 times. This is traditional cultural celebration, which takes place in Autumn, in the last days of October. Here are held sport-activities, art exhibitions and everything, one should wish. The main part of the ceremony is situated in the Old Tbilisi, in Rike Park, in European Square and in Agmashenebeli Avenue. Rike Park is very special, as there is held grandiose grape-pressing. So anyone, who wants to drink the wine, press by himself/herself, can join that group and bless Georgia with his/her own creature. This is an annual autumn feast in Tbilisi. It comes from 1979 year, when it was celebrated for the first time. This festival is a symbol of an abundance, plentiful fortune, productivity of fruit and vegetable, as well as the generosity of Georgian people. During this festival one can see and taste not only Georgian people’s traditions and cuisine, but also other ethnic minorities' dances, songs, food ....

The epicenter of this festival, as I have already mentioned, is historical part of Tbilisi, where are held agricultural marketplaces. Also, famous people from “High Society” are given the dignity of “Tbilisi Honorary Citizens.” In historical districts you can still meet these so-called Tbilisi Street Hawker, rogues and water-carriers. It is kind of carnival, where you can feel the sweetness of Old Tbilisi: there will be the princesses and the commanders looking out from above the balconies of Tbilisi houses, all dressed up in Caucasian coats, felt clocks and in Georgian dresses.

There are rafts floating above the Mtkvari river, and on it one can eat traditional food and drink the sweetest wine ever. You can even feel the smell of freshly fried shashlik, this is the style of Tbilisi. You can still meet phaetons in the street, the pleasant breeze will bring sad melodies, those ashug and poets are singing all day long, and the visitor of the festival will suddenly find himself in a different era, in the Middle Ages.

This is not only an autumn festival, this is also the respect and love for ascendants, this is the adoration of old memory and old style of Tbilisi. At the end of the “Wine-month” in the capital of the city meets the past and the present, the life bursts out in a wonderful way. Tbilisi has always been multicultural and linguistic city, where coexisted different and indigenous cultures. This character of Tbilisi is preserved even more at Tbilisoba, especially in Abanotubani, where different origin people create their own “corner”. So here you can see many beautiful and unique traditions, handmade souvenirs, multi-ethnic sweets… People in theatrical costumes will walk, dance and sing in the streets and invite people to Tbilisoba events.

There are many distinguished measures, like Auto Shows. Here the car-lovers were able to see both, antique and modern cars. (you can even buy some of them). The leading auto brands’ were here, like : Mercedes, Renaut, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, Toyota and so on… and next to them were proudly standing veterans- those antique USSR cars . Some of the participants also showcased “handmade” cars.

So, you shouldn't miss that chance and have fun here. Those, who want to attend this festival, can stop their cars at Avlabari Metro (as the mainc strees will be blocked).

Where else to go?

  • You can visit the Muse international culture hall, where an Award ceremony of the Golden Eye festival will be held. Award ceremony of the Golden Eye festival will be held at the Muse international culture hall. Exhibition of jewelry will be held at Karvasla History Museum of Tbilisi.
  • you can visit the Shota Rustaveli Theater and National Library of Parliament, where you can see Fashion Shows.
  • You can see a dramatic standing show off a “Movement Theater”, which is one of the most beautiful shows you can ever attend.

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