28 January, 2022

The Most Romantic Cottages Near Tbilisi

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A vacation with a partner can create a lot of sweet memories. While planning a trip, everyone takes into account the environment, coziness, and proximity to Tbilisi. In this article, we would like to offer you the most romantic cottages near Tbilisi, where you will spend an enjoyable time.


1. Anto's House

Anto's house is located in Martkopi, 30 kilometers from Tbilisi. You can arrive here both, by car or public transport. For detailed information, follow the link.


2. Alagi

If you want to enjoy the views of Lake Bazaleti, you should visit Alagi. You can spend not only a romantic evening in Alagi but also organize various fun events with friends and create unforgettable memories. Find out more about Alagi here.

წოპწოპელა ორბეთში

3. Tsoptsopela

You will find this cozy cottage just 35 kilometers away from Tbilisi. You might agree that there is nothing better than relaxing in the fresh air with loved ones. To find out more about the cottage in Orbeti, follow the link.

სახლი ტბასთან სიონში • Lake House Sioni

4. Lake House Sioni

Spending a vacation in Sioni is relevant all year round. In Lake House, you can watch movies, enjoy the views, and the scarlet sky from the veranda, at sunset, along with a glass of wine. If you want to learn more about the cottage follow the link.

ოთახი ტბაზე

5. Room on the Lake

Have you ever dreamt of looking at the sky instead of the ceiling? You can fulfill your dreams here, where the stars shine above your head, and if you get bored watching them, enjoying the stunning views of Lake Sioni is not bad either. Follow the link to book in advance.

თაიმ აუთ კოტეჯი

6. Time-Out Cottage

Time-Out cottage on Lake Sioni is a particularly romantic place. Being here with beloved people, makes you lose the track of time. Visit the cottage and create unforgettable memories. You can follow the link to make a reservation.


7. Akve

If you want to find a romantic environment nearby Tbilisi, you should visit Akve. Located in Sioni, this cottage is designed for 2 people, with a fireplace and a beautiful yard. To discover more photos of Akve, follow the link.

მარწყვის ქოხი

8. Strawberry Hut

If you want to have a romantic dinner by candlelight, without someone bothering you, you should go to a Strawberry Hut. You can find detailed information on the Strawberry Hut here.


9. Data's Hut

While choosing the place for vacation, esthetic of it played a great role. We believe that Data's Hut is a perfect place o take beautiful photos. You can discover the photos of Data's Hut on the site.

მეგობრის ქოხი

10. Friend's Hut

You will find a friendly, cozy, and quiet environment in Friend's Hut. If you want to make a surprise to the beloved person, take him to this cottage on Lake Sioni. Book your memories with us.

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-06 at 22.

11. Room # 8

No one would argue that caravan travel is very romantic. If you don't have your caravan yet and can not travel by it, then visit this caravan and feel the aesthetics of the road. You can not move by caravan but can stay overnight here. what are you waiting for?! Book now!

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